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Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward is currently half-off on the Nintendo eShop

Ahead of the upcoming release of the third and final Zero Escape, the second game in the series, Virtue’s Last Reward, can be picked up on the cheap via the Nintendo eShop.

Ordinarily $24.99, VLR is currently available for $11.99 for 3DS. However, as many 3DS users learned in the past, the 3DS version of the game comes with a massive disclaimer: it has a game-breaking bug.

More accurately, it has a game-deleting bug. Saving in one of the game’s many puzzle rooms has a high chance of deleting or corrupting your save file, resulting in the permanent loss of all progress. The bug is not apparent in the Vita version of the game, yet it was never patched, though it can be avoided with careful saving. So, channel those Resident Evil typewriter skills.

Now is an especially good time to dive into the Zero Escape games, as the series will become a real-world escape challenge later this month with the launch of Real Zero Escape: Trust on Trial, a locked-room puzzle event hosted in Los Angeles. Organized by Japanese event studio SCRAP, Trust on Trial begins April 15.

Source: Nintendo eShop