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Uncharted 4 shipment stolen in transit

Can anything else go wrong with Uncharted 4? After all of the delays and copies sold early on E-bay, we now have a stolen shipment of an unknown amount of copies.

Shuhei Yoshida announced the news on the PlayStation blog without specifying the amount of copies stolen, but did indicate that there is an ongoing criminal investigation. Yoshida indicated that

 We have some unfortunate news to report that a number of copies ofUncharted 4: A Thief’s End were stolen while in transit. While we are continuing to work with the police to resolve the matter – which is the subject of an ongoing criminal investigation – it appears that a few copies of the game have surfaced in the UK.

Uncharted 4 will release on May 10th exclusively on PS4, but be sure to stay clear of the internet for the next two weeks or so if you are worried about spoilers. You've been warned.


Uncharted 4's multiplayer DLC will be free for everyone

Lead game designer from Naughty Dog, Robert Cogburn, took to the PlayStation Blog to announce that Uncharted 4's multiplayer DLC will be free for everyone.


Cogburn wanted to let fans know right off the bat that Naughty Dog plans on "not fragmenting the UC4 community by different types of DLC". So this means all multiplayer DLC including the maps, guns, and clothing options will be free for everyone.


Right off the bat, we want to highlight that all future maps and modes will be included with Uncharted 4 at no additional cost, and all vanity and gameplay in-game store items will be unlockable through gameplay!


This means that the Uncharted 4 Multiplayer community won’t be fragmented by different types of DLC and that those who are loyal in participating in the community will be rewarded.



Naughty Dog even illustrated how their in-game rewards will work. Players will complete daily challenges and win matches to earn relics which they will spend on to get new stuff; check out the detailed picture above!


In addition to the free DLC announcement, Cogburn also mapped out how the DLC will release. In the picture below, you can see by Summer 2016 we will have new weapons, a new mode, and much more, followed by a co-op mode in Autumn 2016 and continued support until Spring 2017.



Uncharted 4: A Thief's End is set to release on May 10 exclusively for PS4.

Watch the last Uncharted 4: A Thief's End trailer before its release

A new Uncharted 4 trailer has been released and according to Playstation this trailer will be the last one before the game's release on May 10.

One of PlayStation's biggest titles, Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, launches May 10 and the last trailer before its release it out, further setting the tone for the game. Nathan Drake thought he was out, but they pulled him back in.

The road for Uncharted 4 has been a bit bumpy, they used art from Assassin's Creed 4 in one of the trailers, its been delayed once, followed by another delay, and the beta wasn't the smoothest. Now, the final trailer is here and Uncharted 4 sure is looking good.

It was reported that this could be the last Uncharted game featuring Nathan Drake in the series, but Naughty Dog has revealed that they might pass the franchise over to someone else.

Check out the trailer above for yourself. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End launches May 10.

Naughty Dog says they will 'get even more' out the PS4 for their next game

Earlier this week, we got to see a new look at Naughty Dog's latest PS4 exclusive –Uncharted 4: A Thief's End. Like many, you were probably amazed at how far the Uncharted series came and wondered how much further could Naughty Dog go?

Well, in a recent interview with DualShockers, Lead Designer Ricky Cambier, said that as surprised as he was with the graphical fidelity of the game, he believes that Naughty Dog could squeeze even more out of the PS4.

“There are definitely areas that I can see that we will be able to do better things already, after this. You know, we have some really smart programmers at Naughty Dog, and I’m always pretty surprised of what they can do.

I think it was easier to get things up and at a certain level here, and we have some ideas that we’ll work on in the future.

I have a hard time seeing that it will take the same evolutionary jump as you know… the difference between the first Uncharted versus The Last of Us is enormous. But there is no doubt that the next thing we do, we’re gonna get even more out of that PlayStation.”

As for their next game, that still remains a mystery. It could possibly be a sequel to the critically acclaimed The Last of Us, which wouldn't be the first we've heard talk of the sequel.

Last year, voice actor Nolan North, the voice of David in the game, also slipped up and said Naughty Dog was working on The Last of Us 2; however, Troy Baker, who played Joel in the game, quickly shot down rumors by claiming he "knows nothing" about a sequel.

For Naughty Dog's part, the developer has been open to a sequel and have even acknowledged they've kicked around a few ideas for a potential sequel. What would you like to see? A sequel to The Last of Us or a follow up to Uncharted 4? Let us know in the comments below!

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End is set to release exclusively for PS4 on May 10.

Uncharted 5 could happen says Neil Druckmann

There has been plenty of talk of Uncharted 4: A Thief's End being the last in the series, but Creative Director Neil Drukmann gave a new answer that might shock a couple of people.

Speaking with GamesRadar, Drukmann kicked around the idea of the Uncharted universe still existing, but with a new development team. He seems to be fine letting another studio pick up the next game exactly where Uncharted 4 ends.

"If they made a great game I’d be excited. I’d want to play an Uncharted I didn't work on. It’d be a lot of fun." 

"Obviously, we would have a big part in it as the creators of the franchise. We’d just want to make sure they get the essence of it right."

Depending on how this game ends, which seems to be pointing to Nathan Drake still living, it could lead a new studio to create a whole new installment, perhaps Uncharted 5. However the dice rolls, Drukmann is fine with leaving the franchise alone after Uncharted 4: "if there's a studio that can do that then great. If not then it’s okay that this is the last one."

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End is set to release on May 10 for PS4.

New Uncharted 4 footage shows lessons from The Last of Us

Naughty Dog recently held a closed-doors demo for Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, the footage from which shows a visually stunning Madagascar and design philosophies the studio likely picked up while making The Last of Us.

As PlayStation's Sid Shuman said on the PlayStation Blog, Naughty Dog is taking a “wide linear” approach to level design in Uncharted 4. In short, the game’s overall linear path is littered with optional side routes and opportunities to explore, making the way forward considerably more diverse than earlier, by-the-nose Uncharted games.

The Last of Us shows up again in the game’s abundant dynamic dialogue. In addition to your standard suite of reactionary yelps, protagonist Nathan Drake and support characters Sam and Sully all comment on the goings on of the world. Shuman points to Sam and Sully’s quips as a particularly enjoyable addition.

“Uncharted 4 is plastered with these tiny bits of narrative wallpaper,” he said, “and based on what I played, the game is immeasurably richer for it.”

One of the demo’s more prominent mini-narratives involves the winch on the jeep the trio uses to traverse the arid backroads. Drake and Sully go back and forth on the usefulness of the winch throughout, and come to a head when the device is needed to scale a slick muddy hill.  

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End will release on PS4 May 10.

Source: PlayStation Blog

Uncharted 4 Day One patch brings a number of bonus features; Patch notes here

Sony recently revealed that an Uncharted 4: Thief's End shipment was stolen while in transit, explaining why copies of the game had been seen in the hands of fans and on eBay for ridiculous prices. Whether it's to test the day one patch on those players or to prepare everyone who is patiently waiting for the game, Sony has released the day one patch.

The patch is sitting at about 5GB and brings the following:

  • Multiplayer Support 
  • Singleplayer 'Encounter Select' menu
  • Bonus Feature: Photo Mode
  • Bonus Feature: Character model Viewer
  • Bonus Feature: Render Modes
  • Bonus Feature: Gameplay Modes
  • Bonus Feature: Singleplayer Character Skins
  • Bonus Feature: Weapon Selector
  • Bonus Feature: Journal Viewer
  • Bonus Feature: Concept Art Galleries
  • General fixes and improvements

PlayStation 4 players that don't find themselves sitting pretty with an early copy of Uncharted 4 will have to wait until May 10th to experience the game, as well as what the day one patch has brought.


This 176-page Uncharted 4 art book includes ‘never-before-seen’ art

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End went Gold in March, and although it has seen numerous delays, it is now racing toward its final May 10 release date. Ahead of the game’s launch, Naughty Dog and publisher Dark Horse Books revealed a thick hardcover art book for the title featuring several exclusive images.

The 176-page, $40 hardcover book is currently available for pre-order via PlayStation Gear. A 1,500-print limited edition is also available for $90, which adds in a lithograph and decorative case. The book, described as “the essential companion to the Uncharted franchise’s newest installment,” will release alongside the game on May 10.

In addition to “numerous never-before-seen designs and concept art,” the book is said to be riddled with commentary from Naughty Dog artists and developers, offering “behind-the-scenes access to the creation of this gaming masterwork.”

For comparison’s sake, The Art of the Uncharted Trilogy, a hardcover book chronicling the art of the three original Uncharted games, clocks in at 192 pages for $29.99. 

Source: PlayStation Gear

Via: GameSpot 

Copies of Uncharted 4 hit the streets two weeks before release

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End is scheduled to release on May 10th, but pictures of Uncharted 4 in the wild are already popping up on social media. Someone messed up.

Though the game has yet to make it's official release it has already begun showing up in the hands of people across the UK and Germany. It isn't simply 'mom and pop' stores that are giving the game out early, some of the people who ordered from Amazon are also getting their copies early. This isn't just a few days early, this is two full weeks early.

Independent reports from both PCGames.de and ThisGenGaming.com tell that both Amazon Germany and Amazon US have already sent out copies to those who pre-ordered.

Videogamer.com spoke to a UK customer who bought the game in-store yesterday, on the 25th. The customer went into CEX to buy a camera lens, but saw that Uncharted 4 was available for sale behind the counter. When he asked for it the clerk just handed it to him, two weeks before release. After testing the game he said that game is running fine, no major framedropps, the multiplayer isn't available yet, neither are trophies, and the Day One DLC is also not available yet, but the single player campaign is working as intended.

With people getting their hands on Uncharted 4 spoilers will surely start to show up, so if you want to avoid them then you better start practicing your Spoiler-Fu.

This major screw up might be because of confusion brought on by the release date changing from April 26th to a later date and the stores forgot to update the release date, but this theory is not yet confirmed.

The rest of us has to wait patiently for the official release on May 10.

May game releases bring DOOM, Overwatch, Stellaris, and more

It's a new month, which means that a whole lot of new games will be released and we at GameZone have made a list of all of the releases for the month of May.

The big games of this month's releases are Stellaris, DOOM, Homefront, Overwatch, and Battleborn, but that's not all that's coming. May has enogh releases to fit everyone's liking, like a new Sherlock Holmes game, Tropico 5 on consoles, and Coffin Dodgers, a game where the players race with elderly people.

The release dates for the games of May can be found on the following pages, sorted by platform.

Wii U and 3DS

Touch Selections Wii U – May 5
Pocket Card Jockey 3DS – May 5
The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 Wii U – May 10
Disney Art Academy 3DS – May 13