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The Division’s Incursion trailer shows new activities and gear

Tomorrow, Tuesday, April 12, The Division’s first major update will roll out, bringing with it a smattering of new equipment, crafting changes and missions, along with Falcon Lost, the game’s first four-man incursion.

To celebrate the release of update 1.1, Ubisoft today released a new trailer showcasing the strategic demands of incursions and some of the equipment coming in the update.

Falcon Lost is set in an underground water treatment facility caught in a tug-of-war between survivors and anarchists. Completing Falcon Lost on hard or challenge mode will yield unique and powerful equipment, on top of a weekly reward package.

Incursions are The Division’s answer to raids and represent the pinnacle of the game’s PvE challenges. It seems each new incursion will introduce unique gear sets and exotic weapons which can only be obtained therein.

Source: Ubisoft

Rayman Origins available on Xbox One via backwards compatibility, along with four classic arcade games

The now classic Xbox 360 still has something to offer the Xbox One – video games. Thanks to backwards compatibility, the Xbox 360's servers will continue to stay live as long as there are still games coming to the Xbox One. 

The latest backwards compatible game is 2011's Rayman Origins. The Ubisoft developed and published platformer originally launched five years ago on the Xbox 360, PS3, Vita, and Wii with mostly positive reviews. 

You can grab it on the Xbox Store for $14.99.

New Assassin’s Creed busts immortalize Altair and Ezio

Ubisoft today unveiled the latest additions to its “Ubicollectible” merch line: five miniature busts of Assassin’s Creed protagonists Altair and Ezio.

The busts come in bronze and colored editions, all sized at 7.5” x 5.5” x 3” (H x L x D), and are now available for pre-order through the Ubiworkshop store, along with the newly released “Leap of Faith” Ezio figurine. Here’s a summary of the details for all five:

(Character – Edition – Price – Quantity Printed)

Altair – Bronze – $49.99 – 250

Altair – Colored – $39.99 – 500

Ezio – Bronze – $49.99 – 30 (sold out)

Ezio – Colored – $39.99 – 90 (sold out)

Ezio (Older) – Colored – $39.99 – 500

Assassin’s Creed bust pre-orders will start shipping this July. The “Leap of Faith” Altair figure, which seems to make up for Ezio’s third bust, is already available for $59.99.

Source: Ubiworkshop

Via: GameInformer

Ubisoft E3 press conference date revealed

The biggest event in the gaming world, E3, is just around the corner. Ubisoft is the latest in line to reveal the time and date for their big press conference.

We have already gotten the date for Microsoft's big press conference marked in our calendars, now we get to mark down the date for Ubisoft's as well. It will begin June 13 at 1:00 pm PT (4PM ET / 9:00 pm GMT).

Now we are only waiting for Sony to announce when their press conference is. With Microsoft and Ubisoft having theirs on the same day it wouldn't be too far fetched to think that Sony takes the evening slot for their press conference.

E3 it self will be happening from June 13 to June 16.

Source: VG247

The Crew Wild Run update adds Stunt races

Today, Ubisoft announced that a new mode, Stunt Races, is now available in the latest update for The Crew Wild Run. Starting today, players will be challenged to perform tricks and stunts with their bikes on specialised tracks. Time and skill will be needed to reach the highest score.

Players will put their skills to the test in off-road races, where they’ll have to complete a maximum number of stunts while hitting all the checkpoints as quickly as possible. To score, challengers put their talent on display and show off all their tricks – from 360s to front and backflips. To help them perform the most impressive stunts, several jump ramps are located along the course. Style and timing are both key to mastering Stunt Races.

Stunt Races are available in “The Summit,” and are only open to Dirt and Raid motorbikes. Along with the Stunt Races, this extensive April update also introduces the Save & Share feature for the “Freedrive” and “Speedtrap” challenges. Players are now able to create and save up to 10 challenges. Using their unique ID, they can then share them with other players in the game and via social media.

The update also includes new video tools that let players further express their creativity by tweaking weather effects and by taking control of new cameras and points of view. You can see the full list of patch notes on the game's official page. 

The Division's 'Competent Glitch' has players dealing tons of damage

At this point, everyone knows how incredibly broken Tom Clancy's The Division's first content update is. The update introduced a the Falcon Lost Incursion mission, but sadly the mission is really easy to exploit. Since the mission is incredibly hard, almosst unnecessarily hard, players have had the temptation to use these exploits to beat the mission.

Of course, Ubisoft isn't fond of players exploiting the mission to get rewards the player hasn't earned fairly – which has lead Ubisoft to look into punishment for exploiters.

A new exploit has been found that players are calling "The Competent Glitch". Players must load the mission with marksman rifles with the Competent talent and then rapidly switch to their secondary weapon. The glitch will then allow for their other weapon to have the Competent talent and will deal out loads of damage. Players then use this exploit to destroy the heavily armored APC in just a few measly shots.

Of course, Ubisoft is punishing players for exploiting so beware and do the glitch at your own risk.

You can view the full tutorial down below.


The Division bug removes daily missions; To be fixed tomorrow

Some of The Division's daily missions are outright gone. According to Ubisoft, something went wrong and they will be fixing the issue in the next update.

Apparently, the Hard and Challenging daily missions did not reset properly on April 9 and Ubisoft didn't really seem to know why. They still don't seem to know what spurred the issue, but they have stated that this problem will be fixed in the next update which comes out April 12.

Until then, players will have to skip out on the Hard and Challenging dailies.

The Division Review

The Division took our breath away when we first gazed upon its gorgeous Snowdrop engine back in 2013. The game has gone through so many ups and downs regarding its release date, that by the time 2015 rolled along, I was so resigned from the game ever surfacing, that I thought I wouldn't even lament the game's cancelation.

Luckily, things didn't end up going south for Massive and Ubisoft, as the game did finally make its debut on March 8th, and since then, has been providing us, and a massive amount of players a great amount of content to sink our teeth into.

Comparisons with Activision's gigantic Destiny were inevitable, as both have very similar end goals in terms of repeating missions on harder difficulties, and embarking on the never ending quest to always find better gear. And yet, The Division manages to shake things up a bit with an interesting endgame scenario, that may or may not be for everyone, but its certainly one of the more engaging multiplayer implementations that I've seen in a shooter, possibly ever.

But even though The Division is certainly a fantastic experience, it's not without shortcomings and missteps along the way. While I can't say that I regret any of the 60+ hours I've already poured into the game, I will say that there have been a handful of frustrating ones due to bugs and glitches, and some odd design choices.

Let's take a look at what separates The Division from other third-person open world shooters, and why it's worth your time.




The Division's daily missions appear busted again

More things are weird in The Division, this time the daily missions haven't rotated to give players new quests every day, as they are supposed to do.

This isn't the first time that the daily missions in The Divisions have behaved weirdly. A week ago a bunch of the daily missions were outright missing from the game. Then, reports about player characters being wiped came out. The latest problem with The Division is that the daily missions haven't updated from Saturday to Monday, like they are supposed to do.

Daily missions in The Division are meant to only available for one day and get switched for a new mission the next day, giving players more things to do in the game.

According to VG247 today's daily missions are Lincoln Tunnel Checkpoint (Challenge mode), Hudson Refugee Camp and Madison Field Field Hospital on Hard." Which is the same missions players got two days ago, on Saturday.

Depending on how Massive designed the daily mission mechanic this might just be a coincidences that the same missions got picked three days in a row, or maybe this mechanic is one of the little bugs that has plagued The Division recently.

We have reached out to Ubisoft to see what the deal is with the daily missions.

Early in-game footage from ex-Ubisoft Patrice Désilets' 1666 Amsterdam surfaces

Former Assassin's Creed Creative Director, Patrice Désilets showed off some early in-game footage from 1666 Amsterdam (pictured above), a game that he was developing until he was fired from Ubisoft. The game was officially suspended after Désilets' departure but Ubisoft filed a trademark for the game earlier this month.

Désilets found himself in the middle of an ugly legal battle with Ubisoft over the rights to the game, which was recently resolved. 

The footage itself was captured by Video Game journalist Brandon Sheffield, which was later confirmed by the Reboot Developer conference's official Twitter account.

Source: [Brandon Sheffield's YouTube Account]