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Zombieland 2 is coming to a cinema near you

After months, maybe even years, of back-and-forth speculation it has finally been confirmed that Zombieland 2 is in development. 

This news was confirmed at CinemaCon where the brand new logo was revealed for the long-awaited Zombieland sequel, as reported by ComicBook.com.

For those that are not aware, simply, Zombieland is based on a world whereby a zombie virus is spreading and survivors need to stick together. In the original film, released back in 2009, the likes of Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone, Woody Harrelson and Abigail Breslin there was a lot of action, a lot of shooting and even some comedy. 

Zombieland was a critically-acclaimed success story and many fans will be hoping that the same quality will be echoed in the sequel. 

There has been no official announcement as to who will be involved in Zombieland 2 as of yet, but in the meantime, fans have a pretty simple logo to keep them hyped. 


Gotham "Knock Knock" Review

For those who are still skeptical about Gotham, I think last night’s episode was the beautiful beginning of putting your woes to rest. The major point of discrepancy in everything I’ve read is that the Penguin has seemingly stolen the focus away from Jim Gordon. It can be argued that Oswald is featured in every episode, even in the most arbitrary of scenes just to feature him. That being said, yesterday proved that not only is he not the only major player in the plot, but he wasn’t even featured.

This episode was chilling. When we were promised the rise of the villains, I don’t think any of us thought of the bloodshed and massacre that would come by the hands of Gotham’s most sinister. Having the episode begin with Theo Galavan (James Frain) using scare tactics to torture the mayor, writers set the tone pretty heavy for the next forty-five minutes of terror. After some shipyard workers are tossed over the roof of the Gotham Gazette in order to make headlines, there is an installation of panic throughout the streets of the city. Gordon pays a visit to Harvey and begs him to come back to the police force, only to be thwarted by Harvey’s wife. The escaped Arkhamites including smiling Jerome Velaska (Cameron Monaghan) and his crew fight over the right to be leader of the squad (see what I did there?). The squad hatches a plan to barbeque a bus of cheerleaders, but fails, and one of their captured members receives a head shot by the hand of Tabitha Galavan before he can talk.

Back at Gotham PD, Barbara Kean (Erin Richards) places a call to Gordon from inside the police station in order to lure him away into the streets where he is promptly beaten senseless. All the while, the entire police station is shot up by the Arkham escapees and the Commissioner is murdered on camera by Jerome. After the massacre, Harvey Bullock (Donal Logue) seamlessly returns to the force with no questions asked. Meanwhile Alfred Pennyworth (Sean Pertwee) destroys a computer found in an underground cave, young Bruce Wayne fires him, then rehires him so long as he can fix the computer. Alfred employs the help of Lucius Fox (Chris Chalk) but not before threatening to string him up like a smoked fish if he betrays them. Phew. That was a lot. Seriously.

Okay, where to begin?  I think it’s interesting that the villains are portraying pure evil with no intentions. Sure, the premise of the maniacal doings is to take over the world, but with no end goal in sight, the group is just wreaking havoc. There is nothing more descriptive of DC comic villains than pure evil. I feel in all comic lines produced by DC, that the heroes are all-powerful and the villains all-evil.

I think we’re all starting to buy in to the fact that Jerome is going to be the joker. The scene in which Gotham PD is massacred, he films the entire murder. Sound a little like what he did to Barbara Gordon in The Killing Joke? I thought so too. Now if only he would start donning a Hawaiian shirt and flat brim hat, I’d be sold. For every Joker there must be a Harley, and Barbara Kean is shaping up to be just that. With a sinister kiss to Gordon and a child-like fit when she’s not included in the barbeque festivities, it’s becoming clear that whether we like it or not these two are Gotham’s representation of these characters.

I’m starting to fall in love with Edward Nygma’s craziness. It’s very difficult for an actor to portray even one character let alone a character that is fighting with himself. Cory Michael Smith is doing an incredible job. You can see with each face of the soon to be Riddler that there is a mastery of understanding of this battle that we all know the ending to.

Can someone explain to me why the Alfred Pennyworth that we all know and love, who is a refined Englishman no less, is suddenly spitting cockney? I did really enjoy his approach of Lucius Fox at the bar. I though his candor and speech about how he deals with disloyal people was the definition of who Alfred is. Plus, a pre-bat gadget developing Fox is going to be an awesome character to watch.

Jim Gordon is still trying to be the voice of moral compass. When the force shows up to the gas-filled truck and school bus that’s about to be torched, the villains start shooting at the cops. With no hesitation Gordon screams “don’t shoot,” at his fellow police force. This is the Gordon we all know. Not afraid to bend the rules, but at the very end of the day, he’s the only one morally sound in Gotham.

The Huntress headshot that kills of one of the villains is proof that she is going to be developed into the absolute mercenary that she is. I literally could not be more excited about this. The scene this week when her and Barbara are having a twisted girl’s night in by torturing the mayor played tribute to both her and Barbara’s characters and how they mean business, but love to have villain style fun.

There are still a lot of characters to sift through, however, if this season keeps on track the way that it has been so far, a small feature of each story line each episode will ensure that the “convoluted” story lines will be straightened out, and furthermore, enjoyable to watch.

Latest look at Game of Thrones Season 6 shows us a new clip of Jaime & Cersei Lannister

HBO has unveiled an inside-look into the first episode of Game of Thrones, season six, featuring an emotional coming together between both Cersei and Jaime Lannister. 

Cersei – to our understanding – doesn't have a glass of wine in her hand either. So, you know, at least the break from being on-screen has had a positive effect on somebody…

On the other hand, fans can't wait to see what happens in the upcoming season. After all, the books are not available to use as a reference point this time around, and based on the promotional material HBO have released thus far, things could be about to get interesting. 

The show is set to return to screens on HBO on April 24th and will repeat for viewers in the UK the following day on Sky Atlantic. 


Kit Harington apologises to Game of Thrones fans

This story contains information regarding Sunday's Game of Thrones episode: 'Home' and may contain spoilers.

After months of Kit Harington telling Game of Thrones fans that their beloved Jon Snow had died and would not be making a return, it turns out he was lying all along. 

This week's episode came to a close with Davos and Melisandre trying to revive Jon Snow, but after it looked like their attempts had failed, they left the room. Little did they know, Snow started to breathe again – despite Harington categorically claiming that his character was not coming back. 

Well, in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Kit Harington gave his post-episode comments. He said: “Sorry! I’d like to say sorry for lying to everyone. I’m glad that people were upset that he died. I think my biggest fear was that people were not going to care. Or it would just be, ‘Fine, Jon Snow’s dead.’

"But it seems like people had a, similar to the Red Wedding episode, kind of grief about it. Which means something I’m doing – or the show is doing – is right.” 

Whatever way you look at this resurrection, one thing is for certain – Jon Snow definitely knew something this time around. 


Gotham Season Premiere "Damned if you do" Review

I cannot for the life of me understand why critics do not like Gotham. Season two premiered last night with “Rise of the Villains: Damned If You Do”, and it was the live action comic show we deserve. The episode was forty-five minutes of exactly what we were promised. Fox swore to deliver a gritty crime drama about the dark inner workings of the city in which our caped hero was born into. I think fanboys and fangirls alike need to keep in mind that this show was never supposed to be about Bruce Wayne and Batman.

We have already been introduced to some of the classics already, such as The Riddler (Cory Michael Smith), Catwoman (CarmenBicondova), and Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor). However, new individuals are introduced that are sure to play a key role this season.

The episode begins with a masked villain using the name Zaardon the Soul Reaper, attacking a busy street in Gotham. James Gordon (Ben McKenzie), who was demoted to a traffic cop, peacefully takes him down, only to be discharged from Gotham PD for shoving a fellow cop. Commissioner Loeb (Peter Scolari) has had it out for Jim for a while, and sees to it that Jim is stripped of his badge and gun. Through a series of not-so-noble acts, Gordon gets himself reinstated, but not before teaming up with Penguin to square a debt.

Penguin and Victor Zsasz(squeals) pay a late night visit to Loeb to scare the daylights out of him into bringing Gordon back on the force. In all of this we discover that Selina Kyle is now in the employment of Oswald Cobblepot. Meanwhile, in Arkham, Barbara Kean (Erin Richards) has been committed for admitting that she killed her parents. In Arkham, donning a stripped uniform, she meets Jerome Valeska (Cameron Monaghan) who wears a strangely familiar smile. Through a strange series of events, Barbra Kean and the lot escape Arkham, only to be picked up by Theo Galavan (James Frain) and his sister Tabitha Galavan (Jessica Lucas). Meanwhile young Bruce Wayne has found a secret cave below Wayne Manor and is hell bent on getting it open. Using some bombs, he conveniently found lying around his house, he blows the locked door to shreds and found a note from his deceased parents. It read something like “You don’t want to know the truth unless you have a calling to protect it.”

It's commentary break time. This show has been a keen implementor of McGuffins, that is an absolute truth. Is Jerome Valeska going to be the Joker? We don’t really have that answer. Does he portray a lot of the same characteristics? Yes, he does. However, considering that we do not have a definitive Joker origin story, there’s no way that we can indefinitely say that this man is going to be the jester prince of crime.  You might look at me and say, what about the Killing Joke by Alan Moore? To you I say, it was never accredited as the Joker origin, and cannot be held as the finite truth in who the Joker is.

There have also been some rumors that Barbara Kean will be playing Harley Quinn. I think this one is a bit farfetched considering thatHarleen Quinzel is an Arkham employee in her origin, not an inmate.

Let’s talk about what we do know from this episode. Edward Nygma is slowly, but surely losing his mind. He’s been talking to himself and spatting off riddles left and right. It’s extremely appropriate that he is employed by the city of Gotham, and when he finally cracks, it’s going to be beautiful.

Oswald Cobblepot is waddling around becoming a crime boss after allegedly murdering Fish Mooney. He’s pretty much already developed into the villain he was meant to be, and now we as the viewers are just along for the ride. Robin Lord Taylor is doing a fantastic job portraying Penguin. Every episode I watch I expect to care less about his character, but the maniacal smile and sadistic persona is absolutely chilling.

Victor Zsasz. If you are not in complete awe of how awesome pre-tally mark Zsazs looks, then you need t re-evaluate your love for DC villains. This man is a behemoth of serial killers and he is a complete loose screw. I am so extremely excited that he’s Penguins henchman, and I can’t wait for the tallies to start adding up.

Selina Kyle wasn’t really featured this episode. I’m still not completely convinced she will ever be completely evil.

However, we do know, based on the comics, that Tabitha Galavan will eventually become Tigress — a villain who runs a group of thugs, thieves, and murderers. Although the character doesn't technically go by the name Tabitha, as the show does play with character names, I can completely buy in that this woman could be the alter ego.

I feel like this show is in it for the long haul, and to judge it with hatred before it’s even begun to chip into character development isn’t fair. There is infinite material to work with, and so far the villains have been on point. It may seem to be a bit convoluted in the sense that so many characters are being featured, however, what’s the alternative? Make a film and try to explain a bunch of origin stories? No offense Batman and Robin, I still love you. I truly feel like this show is heading in an awesome direction and last night’s episode proved exactly that. Not a minute wasted, and there are tons of questions to be resolved, and I for one can’t wait until next Monday.

Penny Dreadful: 'And They Were Enemies' Season Finale Recap & Review

Here’s the thing with this season of Penny Dreadful- despite all the witches, regardless of the appearance of Lucifer, angry villagers who burn women at the stake or any of the other monsters we’ve come across- the real enemy, the true beasts, have always been the past. The first season built a very tight narrative structured around the quest to save Mina Murray and defeat the vampire lord who took her, but the resolution of that very effort only managed to reveal that in the end we’re all just battling ourselves. This theme is exactly what season two explored, while at a slower pace than the previous arc, it often did so very well. The past becomes us, in all its various and sinister ways. We can either embrace it and find power in it or we can be its victims. Sometimes we are both.

That said, Jesus, those god damned talking dolls are just not okay.

We last left off with Vanessa in the belly of the beast and confronting the disturbing simulacrum of herself, naming her a murderer. Not only has she recently stabbed Ethan’s former victim in defense back at the cut-wife’s cabin, but she also unleashed hell on that jerk lordling in the Moors by using her hexcraft to have him fall prey to his own pack of hunting dogs. Honestly, both idiots deserved it so it’s kind of unfair of Lucifer to be all preachy and finger waving about it, but here we are. Falling back into her old comfort of Christian righteousness, Vanessa refuses to be swayed by the mocking and names him as the fallen angel that’s been quietly working to bring about this whole mess upon the heads of everyone.

“Who is the liar here? You claim to walk with angels, but your every action speaks otherwise.” The fact that this is coming from a replica of her own face is an interesting choice given the clout that mirrors have had over the course of the last several episodes and the idée fixe of “know yourself” gets hammered home once again.

We also learn that whatever forces and manipulations have been working to bring Vanessa to this point also require, at least at some level, her consent. A large part of this scene focuses on trying to attain that allowance by any means necessary. No one knows Scripture better than the devil and while her faith has always been Vanessa’s greatest comfort, it is also Lucifer’s sharpest weapon.

Vanessa isn’t the only one being confronted by the horrors of her sins, locked in the memory room and surrounded by their own personal hells, Victor and Malcolm are still being strung along by the apathetic incompetence of their parenthood. The tragedy of Proteus dominates here, “Like a lamb I was, Victor. How could you let me be hurt?” Which immediately prompts Victor to disavow any ownership of his crimes by pointing out that it was John Clare who killed Proteus, with Clare reasoning “But what am I, but an extension of you? All your sin emptied into me. I am your other half, your truest self.” Again we have the idea of reflection, and as if we had any doubt of this season’s philosophical obsession, we are demanded by the narrative to know ourselves, no matter how ugly the visage.

Both Victor and Malcolm’s families stand testament to the sins visited upon them by their fatherheads and both desperately deny any blame in the fates that befell all those in their orbit, refusing to acknowledge the situations they themselves constructed, “Did you name a mountain for me?”, “Did you enjoy her body as I bled?”, there is no colder hell than one’s own mind.

“Did we ask for this life or was it your pride?” Victor Frankenstein and Malcolm Murray share a fatal flaw, hubris. The fact that they are both trapped in the same room together, tormented by the ruins of families they have destroyed isn’t a coincidence. There is a symmetry within the plights the two men experience and their dual torments expose the grand scale of their choices, of which neither have ever really seen the direct consequences for, instead it’s those they’re supposed to care for that fall victim. 

Both cling so tightly to the identities that each has manufactured for themselves, Murray the explorer, intrepid adventurer of Africa and Victor consumed by his reckless status as a scientist in order to sterilize all humanity and responsibility from the terrible things he has played at. As both begin to collapse under the weight of what they’ve done, they’re both contrite, ruing that they would do the past another way given the chance, but “life only leads forward. There is no going back. “

All of this explores two key concepts that stretch to every character in this episode, the first is atonement. How do we correct the depravities of the past? The other is the polarity of the kindness found in lies and the cruelty of the truth. As Victor and Malcolm’ s children push them towards suicide, Vanessa has become locked in her own hell, the temptation of normalcy, as a fantasy plays in her head of herself living an innocent life with Ethan and their children. It’s a vulgar fiction as Vanessa will never be a simple woman and Ethan isn’t even exactly human himself. “There is an old dream in you, a deep longing. To be free of pain, to be loved simply for who you are. Is that not the engine of all human creatures?”

This phrase from Lucifer also marks the second time this episode uses the word “engine” as reference to either motivation or the means to attain desire. It also has a connotation of artifice and intervention, especially with the context that the early 19th century was still reeling from the previous century’s Enlightenment. Western society was struggling with the Judeo-Christian morality it had always participated in and was coming into conflict with the radically evolving understanding of science as the discipline continued to develop and expand. Within a few years Darwin would present his theory on evolution, critically challenging the way humanity saw itself in the scheme of the world. Dinosaurs were already a known factor to the Victorians and Nichol’s nebular hypothesis was entreating our culture to look outside of the immediate and into where we fit in the universe as a whole. Science was effectively making us know ourselves and it’s an uncomfortable process. 

Still locked in their mental hells and close to falling into suicide by cajoling corpse children, Victor and Malcolm are being tempted by the truth in their lies, that death would be a great adventure, the final discovery, while Vanessa breaks free of the mental prison pretty fast. “You offer me a normal like. Why do you think I want that anymore? I know what I am.”

Oh, sweet Jesus, finally a good devil magic scene. Screaming at each other in the Verbis Diablo as Vanessa once again taps into the old darkness and her power fully comes into fruition as she goes toe to toe with the fallen prince. She commands Lucifer, “Beloved, know your master.” right before straight up destroying that creeptastic doll, scorpions spilling everywhere. Oh. Crap.

The scene culminates in that god damned brat, Hecate, making herself useful for once and releasing Ethan from his trap. She was probably hoping in his werewolf rage he would go after Vanessa and contain the clearly out of control situation, at least in part, but instead he went directly after dear old mum and rips out Evelyn’s throat. It’s the most action we’ve seen from this show in weeks and, I won’t lie, I was pumping my fist in the air like an idiot when that went down.

This also marks the first time Vanessa is seeing Ethan’s beast and it’s a fairly tender moment we get to witness as she handles what he is with grace. The moment makes you wonder if atonement is necessary in the face of acceptance. But with these two, nothing is ever that easy.

Poor fussy Professor Lyle has been being choked by the same witch for what feels like the span of two episodes now only to pull out a gun and utter a line that would make RuPaul so damned proud, “Never underestimate a queen with lovely hair, my dear,” right before busting a cap in her. Which, it turns out, totally works on them.

With the witches dropping like rocks in a pond, the power of the torture room begins to abate, and in effect losing its grip on Frankenstein and Murray. I find it pretty interesting that the two most egotistical of the group were also the ones that failed to save themselves. In fact, both were on the verge of falling prey to the room’s devices. Even my man, high dandy Ferdinand Lyle was able to get away on his own and these two weren’t.




HBO unveils new Game of Thrones Season 6 trailer

HBO has released its latest Game of Thrones trailer, leaving so many questions lingering in fans minds ahead of season six.

The trailer has dragons, it has power, it has emphasis, it even has a comedic scene with Tyrion – in short form, everything a Game of Thrones fan would want, and more so expect from this new teaser.

Season six is expected to hit screens on April 24th on HBO, and will be shown in the UK the following day via Sky Atlantic.

This is the first season of the HBO show that will surpass the books, in terms of story, and with these trailers the only thing to go off, it is now a waiting game.

But until then, feel free to look at every single frame of the trailer above, in an attempt to snoop for clues. You won’t be the only one, we can assure you of that.

Also, here’s the trailer before this one too, just in case you missed it:

[GameOfThrones: YouTube]