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[Update] Wall running Titans might appear in Titanfall 2


Titanfall 2 is one of the bigger games coming out this year and everyone wants to know more about it. Of course, a wall running Titan would be pretty sweet but the official Titanfall twitter account casts some doubt on that.

Apparently, the image is too blurry to lend itself to an assumption on what it is that we are seeing. It could be something completely different than a wall running Titan, or maybe Respawn are trying to get people to think that they aren't adding a wall running Titan.

Titanfall 2's teaser trailer finally arrives and it comes wielding giant swords


The follow-up to the robot smashing, hectic multiplayer shooting, Xbox One exclusive — Titanfall, has finally received its first official teaser trailer.

The teaser trailer, which you can watch above, is a short 49 seconds, but it does show off what seems to be a giant mech wielding a sword and some dialogue which sounds to be focusing on the story portion of the game.The trailer also shows viewers to expect the full reveal later this year on June 12.

For as well-received as Titanfall was, one of the game's major criticisms was a lack of a traditional single-player campaign. Instead, the sci-fi shooter interweaved its "story" into the multiplayer gameplay, with voiceovers and character portray overlayed on top of the action going on. This time around, EA and developer Respawn will aim to deliver a proper story mode, one that offers fans the answers to questions they had regarding the universe.

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GameZone PSA: It's April 1st, trust no one

Today is April 1st, also known as April Fool's' Day, the day when people like to prank each other and spread misinformation.

Game developers love to mess with their fans with new game "announcements", new "trailers", new "DLC" and the best part about it is that some of it seems so real that it fools even the best of us. Remember that sweet Titanfall Optimus Prime DLC? Well, make sure to not get fooled by something like that again. Or do, and watch the internet laugh at you. Either way, it's funny.

Because of all the misinformation being spread around today, and because source criticism is basically dead on the internet, we at GameZone decided to let you all know that some news that comes out today might just be a joke. But if there is something you like, make enough noise, and it might just become real. 

Don't trust everything you hear today, in fact, trust no one.