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The Division’s Incursion trailer shows new activities and gear

Tomorrow, Tuesday, April 12, The Division’s first major update will roll out, bringing with it a smattering of new equipment, crafting changes and missions, along with Falcon Lost, the game’s first four-man incursion.

To celebrate the release of update 1.1, Ubisoft today released a new trailer showcasing the strategic demands of incursions and some of the equipment coming in the update.

Falcon Lost is set in an underground water treatment facility caught in a tug-of-war between survivors and anarchists. Completing Falcon Lost on hard or challenge mode will yield unique and powerful equipment, on top of a weekly reward package.

Incursions are The Division’s answer to raids and represent the pinnacle of the game’s PvE challenges. It seems each new incursion will introduce unique gear sets and exotic weapons which can only be obtained therein.

Source: Ubisoft

Ubisoft to fix missing character bug in The Division; Comes at a price

Following the release of a major content update in The Division, players have reported suffering character wipes occurring after logging into their accounts. The issue was predominantly found among Xbox One owners, though some PlayStation users reported suffering from the bug as well.

According to Ubisoft, the developers have identified and fixed the source of the issue – which means that missing characters should be able to be correctly restored.

According to Ubisoft's Community Developer Yannick forum post, the issue was caused by the following:

"The issue was caused by a malfunctioning server that couldn’t synchronize character data correctly and corrupted them instead. The game client was unable to read this corrupted data, and simply assumed that the character didn’t exist. Once this has been identified, we were able to restore the server to its normal functions, thus ensuring that the issue will no longer occur for other player"

Yannick detailed that the missing characters are "not gone" and that a fix for the issue will be available shortly, though servers will be brought down in order to patch the fix in.

It is important to note that any progress made on accounts suffering from the missing character bug between April 12th and the next server maintenance will be lost. This only applies to players who have been affected by the bug.

Players report character wipes in The Division following update; Ubisoft investigating

The Division was hit with a major content update today that brought new gear, daily Dark Zone supply drops, a new Incursion Mission and more. Apparently, filed under more we can find character wipes and other issues.

Xbox One owners (and a couple PlayStation 4 owners) are reporting that logging into The Division after the update has downloaded resulted in a character wipe. Most of the reports state that the first time they log in they are not met with an issue, but the second log in results in the harrowing experience of having your character wiped.

Other players note that they noticed that their Stash was completely gone, as well as their cosmetic items, including the rewards from Ubisoft Club, Collectibles and DLC. 

It appears as though the issue is not localized to main characters being wiped, but also affecting alternate characters. The same players with their main character wiped have stated that their alternate characters refuse to load with all of their limbs attached. 

Ubisoft has acknowledged the issue and are looking into on a case-by-case status. If you are experiencing this issue, head to Reddit where the developer is requesting details like gamertag and platform to sort this all out.

The Division's 'Incursions' Update 1.1 available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC; Patch notes here

At around 09:00 AM CEST (03:00 AM EDT / 12:00 AM PDT) Ubisoft took down The Division's servers to bring an content packed update to the game. 

The 'Incursion' update (Update 1.1) will bring several new features to the game, include the Falcon Lost Incursion Mission in the Stuyvesant area. This mission will require players be at least level 30 and have completed the 'General Assembly' mission – four players are suggested to beat the level. 

In addition to the mission, the Dark Zone will have multiple Supply Drops over the course of the day. Each drop will contain non-contaminated gear and will be a global event. The update will also bring dailies (and Weeklies) in the form of 'Assignments' they will be available for 24h for Daily Assignments and 7 days for Weekly Assignments.

Each Assignment will fit into one of three categories:

  • Combat
  • Dark Zone
  • Crafting

Player trading and gear score will also be introduced in the update. A number of fixes will be introduced to the game with the update, included a better system of reporting players abusing the system on PC. Reporting players will likely result in a permanent ban for the cheating player.

Depending on your gaming platform of choice, Update 1.1 will range from 4GB to 4.7GB. You can find the patch notes below.


Falcon Lost

  • Falcon Lost is a new incursion available in the Stuyvesant area
  • You must be level 30 and have completed the mission "General Assembly" to access this mission
  • The encounter is balanced for 4 players with high level gear

Gear Sets

  • Gear set equipment can be found by completing the most challenging activities in Manhattan
  • Collecting and wearing gear sets grant powerful stat bonuses and talents
  • Gear sets of varying gear scores can be found for many playstyles. Find the set that best suits yours

    • “Tactician's Authority” – enhances electronics and support capabilities
    • “Striker's Battlegear” – provide bonuses for assault capabilities
    • “Sentry's Call” – enhances marksman capabilities
    • “Path of the Nomad” – provides bonuses for lone wanderers


  • Items dropped by enemies can be shared with other players
  • Trade items by dropping them as loot from your inventory, so players in your group can pick them up
  • You can only share items for during the first 2 hours after you have acquired them
  • Items can only be shared with players who are currently in your group and who were also in your group when the item was originally dropped


  • Assignments are automatically obtained when you log in and can be tracked from the map via the menu called “Mission Overview”
  • Assignments are available for a limited time (24h for Daily Assignments and 7 days for Weekly Assignments), after which, they will be replaced by different assignments
  • Assignments come in different categories:

    • Combat
    • Dark Zone
    • Crafting
  • Most assignments can be completed while playing alone but some will require enlisting other agent’s assistance to complete

Dark Zone Supply Drops

  • Dark Zone Supply Drops are a global event where the Strategic Homeland Defense agency airdrops multiple supply caches to assist Division agents
  • Supply drops will occur multiple times over the course the day
  • The supply drops will contain non-contaminated gear of all types that will be ready to use without the need for extraction
  • These supply drops will be heavily sought after by other agents and enemy factions that roam the Dark Zone, so be ready for resistance

Gear Score

  • Every non-vanity gear piece that can be found when your agent is level 30 has a Gear Score value. The higher an item’s Gear Score, the stronger the item
  • The overall Gear Score of your agent can be seen in your main menu next to your player level. Gear Score indicates the advancement of an agent
  • Other agents’ Gear Scores are displayed next to their health bars
  • Improving your gear and increasing your overall Gear Score will grant your agent access to the most dangerous high-end challenges

Group Spectator Camera

  • The Group Spectator Cam lets players spectate members of their group while waiting to be revived or the entire group to be down
  • Players can use RB/LB, R1/L1 or Q/E keys to switch between group members

New High-End Named Weapons

  • Added new High-End named weapons:

    • Warlord: Assault Rifle
    • Valkyria: Submachine gun
    • (Historian: Marksman Rifle) Please note that while the Historian will be implemented in the game with this update, it will not be acquirable in-game until update 1.2



  • Turret skill can no longer suppress enemy NPCs, as this allowed named NPCs to be defeated too easily
  • Recalibrating High-End items will now cost normal Credits instead of Phoenix Credits
  • Phoenix Credits drop have been increased on lvl 31 and 32 named enemies:

    • Level 30: 1-3 Phoenix Credits
    • Level 31: 2-4 Phoenix Credits
    • Level 32: 3-5 Phoenix Credits
  • Named enemies of level 30 and more will now always drop one High-End item when killed

Dark Zone

  • The vendor in the Church Safe House will now sell items in Dark Zone Funds instead of Phoenix Credits
  • Ranks requirements for Superior and High-End quality items at the Dark Zone Vendors have been adjusted:

    • Superior (Purple) items: Rank 15 instead of 30
    • High-End (Gold) level 30 (Gear Score 163): Rank 25 instead of 50
    • High-End (Gold) level 31 (Gear Score 182): Rank 40 instead of 50
  • Added a new Dark Zone bracket for characters with Gear Score 160+


  • Increased costs for converting crafting materials and crafting High-End items:

    • 10 Standard (Green) materials instead of 5 to craft 1 Specialized (Blue) material
    • 15 Specialized (Blue) materials instead of 5 to craft 1 High-End (Gold) material
    • 10 High-End (Gold) materials instead of 8 to craft 1 lvl 31 High-End (Gold) item
  • Changed deconstruction yield of Standard (Green) and High-End (Gold) items:

    • Deconstructing a Standard (Green) item yields 1 Standard material instead of 2
    • Deconstructing a High-End (Gold) item yields 1 High-End material instead of 2
  • Added new level 31 and 32 High-End items Blueprints to Vendors
  • Removed Division Tech requirements from some level 31 High-End Blueprints
  • Level 32 named enemies will have 40% chance to drop Division Tech materials

User Interface

  • Added gamepad deadzone calibration in settings menu (all platforms)


  • Fixed a bug that could prevent characters from accessing the game if they had too many items in their inventory
  • Rehabilitated Talent will no longer remain active when the character is not under a Status Effect
  • Fixed a bug where Daily Hard and Challenging missions would no longer reset every day
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes the weapon talents would not activate if the player has the exact stat requirements
  • Fixed a bug where players could exit the Dark Zone on East 43rd street
  • Reloading stripper clips is now correctly interrupted by firing the weapon (marksman rifles and shotguns)
  • Fixed an issue where buying a weapon with a pre-attached scope using the buy and equip feature sometimes caused the scope to un-equip
  • Fixed an exploit where players could shoot through corners of covers
  • Fixed a number of locations where NPCs could shoot through walls
  • Fixed an exploit where players could ignore the fire rate of certain weapons
  • Fixed some locations where players would get stuck in Queen Tunnel Camp mission
  • Fixed various prop collisions so that players no longer become stuck
  • Fixed a bug where the final cut scenes would unlock before the final missions were completed
  • Fixed a bug where the Water Supply side mission would not activate
  • Fixed an issue where the Morphine Supply side mission sometimes would not complete
  • Players no longer receive too much XP for completing the Morphine Supply side mission
  • The buff from Smart Cover no longer stacks if multiple teammates are using it on the same piece of cover
  • Fixed some bugs where deployable skills would not activate under certain circumstances
  • Fixed a bug where voice chat volume indicators would overlap in the group UI frame
  • Fixed a bug where receiving a group invite via Matchmaking would sometimes not show up on the screen
  • Fixed a bug where the dead teammate icon would turn into a blue dot instead of a red cross if the players were too far away from each other
  • Fixed an issue where a player would be unable to inspect the appearance of his/her character while changing outfits
  • Fixed some UI elements for mission overview frame and adjusted some of the misaligned icons
  • Corrected the colors for the appearance items in the Mission rewards list
  • NPC’s will no longer ignore the player while they are attempting to interact with props (arming/disarming bombs)
  • Fixed a bug where a NPC would sometimes not leave its spawn area during the Morphine Supply side mission
  • Fixed a bug where NPC’s would sometimes not respawn at one of the landmarks in the Dark Zone
  • Several clipping issues have been fixed with various appearance items
  • Some tooltips have been updated with more clear information
  • And many more

PC specific

  • Added new resolution scaling and lighting options
  • Added support for reporting players on PC. Players can now type in chat /report
  • Improvements to resolution detection and switching between display modes
  • Fixed some issues with camera movement while using Tobii Eye Tracker
  • Fixed screen look for minimap when using Tobii Eye Tracker
  • Fixed several issues with Logitech peripherals
  • Fixed several graphic issues due to dual monitor display
  • Fixed an issue where players could move UI elements out of the visible screen area

The Division content update details Incursions and more new features

Does that date seem familiar? Well, if you are a Destiny fan it will be. Ubisoft has announced that the next content update, version 1.1, will launch on April 12th. It is the same day as Destiny's big content update, so get ready for a throw down.

During today's one hour livestream, The Division team detailed a number of new changes coming to the game, beginning with the Incursions game mode. This will be a free update for all players and it will be called Falcon Lost. It will include two difficulty modes, hard and challenging, with certain requirements needed to take part. The hard mode recommends level 30 and a certain gear score. The challenging mode will require a certain gear in order to participate. Similar to most MMO's, you won't be able to take part in certain events if your character is not leveled high enough. While explaining the setup, two members of the team revealed that it took them 8 hours to beat the Incursion on Challenging difficulty. You can imagine how long it may take someone who didn't make the actual game to complete. 

The item level has also been changed to gear score as mentioned above. Once you reach level 30 now, all items will show gear score. As a result, you will see other players' gear scores above their head opposed to just level 30. During a gameplay of the Falcon Lost Incursion, it was revealed that there will be level 31 purple enemies, and one wave even had 15 of them. So, you can tell how difficult this is going to be and why it requires a certain gear score. You will be able to complete the Incursion as many times as you want, but the first time each week provides higher rewards. The team also confirmed that all Incursions will operate on a weekly reset once more are released. 

Four brand new gear sets were also revealed, but the team did not provide that much information about them. The four we will be seeing are

1. Path of the Nomad – linked to Darkzone

2. Sentry's core – focused on long range and precision

3. Striker's battle gear – focused on combat assault

4. Technician's authority – focused on support for your team

Each set has a number of items included and provides bonuses for equipping all of them. Just as most MMO's do, you will need to decide whether you want the bonuses from the set, or the individual bonuses from other weapons. For example, DPS builds may require a set while others may like individual weapons or vice versa. Certain items may be found in the Darkzone, others in Incursions, others in drops, etc. and it will be up to you to locate them all. 

Item trading has been added into the content update as well. It will take place at a gate in the Darkzone, so you will not get hurt while doing so as there is no combat. You can trade with anyone in your group at the time, so the team warned of taking precautions. Trading will take place in drops rather than a menu. If you trust only one person in your group, they suggest forming a group just with them in order to make the trade, or else another group member can scoop it up first. A two hour limit on trades begins once the item is dropped for the first time. It can be dropped over and over during that time, and whoever has the item at the end of two hours keeps it. A group of close friends can use this to their advantage, but be warned if playing with high end randoms to avoid getting trolled. 

Finally, they announced supply drops and a spectator camera. Supply drops will take place in the Darkzone and will not be contaminated since they are shipped from outside. Once they are picked up, everyone in the group has access to the item and not just the player who picked it up. These will not need to be extracted as they are  not contaminated. The spectator camera allows you to control it once you are dead rather than just seeing what the other player sees like the way it is now. The team indicated that it will allow for better tactical support provided to players once you are dead. 

All of this will be provided free of charge on April 12th for all platforms. More Incursions are on the way, but the team would of course not elaborate any further on them. How far are you in the Division? Let us know below. 

March 2016's top 10 sales include The Division, Zelda and Far Cry: Primal; No Street Fighter 5

The NPD Group has released information on the top selling games of March 2016 and it's a bit surprising. Whether it's considering how low Call of Duty is on the list, the fact that Grand Theft Auto 5 is still in the top five or the sudden appearance of Nintendo – March was unique.

Seeing The Division at the top of the list isn't much of a surprise. The game was reported to be shattering Ubisoft's sales records, giving Ubisoft the biggest first quarter launch ever in the UK. What is suprising is the lack of the generally well-received Street Fighter 5, which launched on February 16th (amidst some controversy over a missing butt-slap) and the addition of two Nintendo games.

Nintendo doesn't typically find themselves in the top 10 sales list, but when they do it's in multiples (like this time) or they are near the top.

It is important to note that the NPD sales report only gathers data from physical retailers. Digital game sales are not included in the following list. 


  1. Tom Clancy's The Division (PS4, Xbox One, PC)
  2. Far Cry: Primal (PS4, Xbox One, PC)
  3. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD (Wii U)
  4. Grand Theft Auto V (PS4, Xbox One, 360, PS3, PC)
  5. UFC 2 (PS4, Xbox One)
  6. MLB 16: The Show (PS4, PS3)
  7. Pokken Tournament (Wii U)
  8. NBA 2K16 (PS4, Xbox One, 360, PSe)
  9. Call of Duty: Black Ops III (Xbox One, PS4, 360, PS3, PC)
  10. Minecraft (360, PS4, Xbox One, PS3)

The Division: Falcon Lost still exploitable after fix

Ubisoft claimed that they had fixed all the problems in the Falcon Lost incursion, the same exploits are still there after the fix as well as a new one.

The Division has not been working smoothly with daily missions being gone, characters being wiped and other various bugs. Ubisoft came out and said that they had fixed the majority of the bugs, but it seems not to be the case.

One of the bigger problems, according to Ubisoft, was the exploiting of the Falcon Lost incursion, people were exploiting the bad programming and item collision to complete the mission. Ubisoft has even stated that they are "looking into what can be done in terms of punishment." for those who uses the exploits.

Then they said that they had fixed the exploits in Falcon Lost, but in a video from Gamespot it sure looks like Ubisoft fixed nothing with the 'fix'. The original wall glitch is still there, as well as a more convoluted exploit where the player has deploy a portable cover at the top of a ladder, go down said ladder, quick run to the cover from down the ladder, while on the ladder unload the weapon that is being held, hold down RT/ R2 when the gun is empty, then climb up and go through the world and up in a no man's land via a non existing ladder. While in the no man's land players can shoot at the APC without any enemies attacking.

Beware in participating in exploits, like mentioned earlier, Ubisoft and Massive are looking into way to punish those who use exploits since it is breaking the Code of Conduct that the players has to follow.

Fox News calls out The Division nerfs

Fox News has painted a number of entities their enemy and while they have targeted video games for their violence from time to time – they have never targeted a game for nerfs… At least until Fox News' Red Eye host Andy Levy was given the opportunity to have a small rant.

During a segment aimed at informing 18-year-olds what skills they need to have, Levy read off bullet points written by Julie Lythcott-Haims. One of Haims' bullet points was that every 18-year-old should now how to level a character in The Division.

"Be able to level up your character in the Division," wrote Haims – to which Levy added:  

"Despite the way Massive nerfed the crafting system and allows packs of super-geared Rogues to gank you in the Dark Zone – thanks a lot, jerks."

Levy's funny little addition to the the list had the rest of the Fox News team uncomfortably laughing on the side. 

[VG 24/7]

The Division's Update 1.1 Incursion Mission 'Falcon Lost' is too hard for Ubisoft devs to beat

When Update 1.1 releases for The Division on April 12th, there will be plenty of new features, as well as teaks to gameplay. Included in the new features is a new incursion called Falcon Lost, apparently this mission is so difficult that Ubisoft developers have yet to beat it.

An official podcast (via GameSpot) for The Division from Ubisoft, featuring two Ubisoft developers, lead designer Mathias Karlson Karlson and lead econimic designer Andrada Greciuc has offered more details on the mission. 

Each of the Incursion Missions will release defaulted on a 'hard' setting that is equivalent to Challenge Mode on current missions. It appears as though the team behind the Falcon Lost incursion will need to scale the mission back before it releases.

"I have not beaten it [Falcon Lost] on Challenge mode," said Lead designer Mathias Karlson Karlson in the podcast. "It needs to have been beaten once by one team [at the studio] for it to be published, just so we know it can be done."

Greciuc also made a futile attempt at beating the mission:

"I have tried it with three of my team, but I don't think we've been able to beat it," said Ubisoft's Andrada Greciuc. "We tried to beat it for an entire day. We tried to beat it, I think, six times. I know we beat it when there was an exploit. We haven't tried after that bug was fixed."

According to the developers, Incursion Missions are meant to be difficult and "highly rewarding." These missions should offer players the "coolest stuff" to find in The Division.

The Division's 'Competent Glitch' has players dealing tons of damage

At this point, everyone knows how incredibly broken Tom Clancy's The Division's first content update is. The update introduced a the Falcon Lost Incursion mission, but sadly the mission is really easy to exploit. Since the mission is incredibly hard, almosst unnecessarily hard, players have had the temptation to use these exploits to beat the mission.

Of course, Ubisoft isn't fond of players exploiting the mission to get rewards the player hasn't earned fairly – which has lead Ubisoft to look into punishment for exploiters.

A new exploit has been found that players are calling "The Competent Glitch". Players must load the mission with marksman rifles with the Competent talent and then rapidly switch to their secondary weapon. The glitch will then allow for their other weapon to have the Competent talent and will deal out loads of damage. Players then use this exploit to destroy the heavily armored APC in just a few measly shots.

Of course, Ubisoft is punishing players for exploiting so beware and do the glitch at your own risk.

You can view the full tutorial down below.