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Sony already sending out PS4.5 'Neo' dev kits to game studios

Hidden within the confirmation of leaked documents detailing the upgraded PlayStation 4 console codenamed 'Neo,' it was revealed that Sony has already begin sending out development kits for their upcoming console.

 Earlier today, Digital Foundry confirmed that they had access to the same leaked documents that GiantBomb had. These documents offered a number of details on specs for the new PS4, how the console will worked and how games will be affected (overview here).

In addition to this information, Digital Foundry snuck in that Sony has already begun sending out development kits to studios, in hopes of meeting their October deadline for games to ship with both a 'Neo Mode' and a 'Base Mode.' These dev kits will also help other developers with games releasing in September offer a 'Neo' update for their games to be compatible with the device.

The dev kits that have been (or are in the process of) sent out are not being shipped in their final case. A secondary kit, out in June, will be released – again without its final casing.

Rumor: Dead Don't Ride could be Sony Bend's next game

Sony Bend's mystery game has still yet to be announced, but with the most recent leak, we might have gotten some sort of idea of what the game could be about.


Earlier today, video game insider Shinobi602 tweeted out what seems to be info about the game and in addition some clue at what the title could end up being. As you can see from the tweet down below, he specifically includes Sony Bend and a title "Dead Don’t Ride."


Sony is making more money off PSN sales than Nintendo made in revenue

Nintendo's earning call came with a number of revelations like the fact that the upcoming Zelda game has been pushed even further back to coincide with the launch of the NX and that the company's next mobile apps would be focused on Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem.

While these announcements were at the forefront, the earnings call actually contained Nintendo's earnings. Industry insider and analyst ZhugeEX (via Eurogamer) took Nintendo's earnings and put them into a context was somewhat sad for Nintendo.

Sony revokes owner's access to PlayStation account after user refuses to pay fraudulent charges

While one PlayStation user (their name was not disclosed, their story was shared via AppyGamer) was fast asleep someone logged on to their account, made three payments of $25. The hacker had purchased NBA 2K16 and bought themselves some credits. When the PlayStation owner woke up, they found the charges, as well as alarming emails from PlayStation.

One of the emails asked for the gamer to change their PlayStation account email and another confirmed the email change – the hacker had locked them out of their own account. The unidentified gamer blocked their PlayStation account from accessing their credit card via PayPal, then proceeded to contact Sony.

Sony was willing to switch the emails back, but because PayPal had refunded the gamer their money Sony was at a loss on what to do with the purchases. The gamer then proceeded to contact PayPal and cancel the dispute over $75 and get back to Sony. 

Once the player went back to Sony, with the dispute cleared up on PayPal's end, only to be met with a statement saying their "account would be banned" until the $75 in fraudulent charges was paid. This was regardless of the fact that the issue had been cleared up on PayPal's end.

For some reason, Sony wouldn't simply revert the charges back and clear up the situation. According the affected gamer: 

"After six years as a paying PlayStation customer, my account was now being held hostage, not by a hacker, but by Sony. I had to cover the cost of the metaphorical broken window, or my account was going to be locked. Basically, I had to apologize and pay for a thief."

Whether they ended up paying the fraudulent charges or not was not revealed.

This is not the first time we have heard a story like this, in fact, it wasn't long ago when we heard about an $8,000 Xbox bill from someone's son buying things.

The Last Of Us Film Appears To Be On Hiatus

It was no surprise when Sony announced they would be adapting The Last of Us into a feature film, but the question was if the film would ever actually come out. We have had so many studios announce video game movies, but most of the time they barely even get past a completed script. The ones that do get released… well just look at the Rotten Tomatoes score for the Hitman movies.

While speaking to IGN, director on Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, Neil Druckman, revealed that no progress has been made in over a year on the film adaptation of the wildly popular post-apocalyptic PlayStation game.

"I know I said in an interview a while back we had a table read, got the script to a good place and it kind of entered development hell like these things tend to do," he explained. "There hasn't been any work done on it in over a year and a half."

Neil Druckman was one of the men at the helm of development on The Last of Us and helped write the script for the film that is now stuck in development hell. The film (if it ever gets off the ground) is to be produced by Sam Rami (director of The Evil Dead and the original Spider-Man trilogy). Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams was also being eyed to play the role of Ellie in the live action film.

All hope is not lost, however! The untitled Uncharted film is moving along slowly but steadily. Druckman mentioned how Naughty Dog isn't nearly as involved in the process of that film as they were with The Last of Us movie. The studio has been bringing in updates "every once and a while" to show how much progress they are making and the team provides feedback where they can.

"We'll tell them what we think works, what we think doesn't work," Druckman said. "That's where we're at. Last I heard is they got a new screenwriter, but we haven't seen anything in a while.

"Our approach is just to steer them back to those relationships," he added. "The most important part to get right is Nathan Drake, [his] relationship with Elena and [his] relationship with Sullivan. If you don't get that right, I don't think the film's going to work. If you get that core right, there's a chance it could work."

In case you are curious to see what Naughty Dog has planned in the near future, Uncharted 4: A Thief's End releases on May 10th exclusively on PlayStation 4 and will mark the end of Nathan Drake's story.

X-Men producer is pro Avengers crossover

We live in the golden age of superhero movies with high quality films releasing almost four times a year. One day, there might even be a X-Men and Avengers crossover – especially considering things are working towards it.

A few years ago an X-Men and Avengers crossover wasn't even an idea due to bad blood between Fox and Marvel, something that is mostly gone now. The producer for X-Men: Apocalypse and the producer of Deadpool are both open for making crossover films which further "proves" that fans might get one.

Tim Miller, the producer of Deadpool, explained his stance on the crossover in an exclusive interview with Crave. "I would love to, someday, in part, heal the rift between the world of X-Men and the world of Avengers."

In the same interview, Simon Kinberg, X-Men producer, added "I think we all would, and I think there's so much crossover in the comic it would be neat to see those characters one day share a movie."

What is extraordinary here is that producers who works for Fox opens up for crossovers with Marvel Studios, something that would not have happened a few years ago because of the competition and pride the two film houses had. Now they are basically inviting both Fox and Marvel to the negotiating table to discuss a crossover.

It is important to note that this is in NO WAY an announcement that a crossover is on it's way, just that we are one or two steps closer to a crossover.

Also, don't expect a Deadpool x X-Men crossover to come anytime soon either since the Deadpool franchise wants to go the same way as the Avengers, they had two Iron Man movies before Avengers, Deadpool wants to do the same. The two franchise are also too far away from each other in the timeline.

On Reddit a user who goes by the name 'Just_shut_up_bro' explained the situation (better than we ever could) between Fox and Marvel and why it is likely the two worlds will crossover:

"What people don't realize is that a lot of the reason we haven't had any kind of crossover yet is because of legitimate bad blood between the top brass at Marvel and Fox over a show called Mutant X (X-men rip-off) that Marvel dubiously produced and Fox sued over. The people in charge of Marvel movies are no longer the same people responsible for Mutant X though. Feige (head of Marvelstudios) no longer answers to Perlmutter (CEO of Marvel) by order of Bob Iger(CEO of Marvel's parent company Disney)

This change up could honestly make this sort of crossover, very feasible, especially if Spider-man in Civil War sets a good precedent, which it will.

Extra (though maybe superfluous) evidence to show this may be happening would be the numerous MCU references in Deadpool (even to Feige specifically like is said in the interview) as well as a speculative rumor floating around they'd be announcing an Avengers vs X-Men movie at this year's comic con."

Who knows, maybe we can get world peace if we someday can get a X-Men x Avengers crossover. If this happens then anything is possible.

PSN Flash Sale cuts PS4, PS3 games by 60% or more

The PlayStation Store has been hit with a surprise Flash Sale, bringing huge discounts to games across multiple PlayStation platforms. The discounts tend to start at 60% and go up from there, making this sale offer a ton of saving for gamers.

PlayStation 4 owners have the opportunity to purchase games at some of their lowest prices yet. The cinematic heavy Order: 1886 is roughly $8 and Beyond Two Souls is about $12. The only thing this Flash Sale is missing is The Last of Us.

While there are Vita games available in the Flash Sale, it's not an extensive line up of games available.

Some of the highlights fore the PS4 and PS3:


  • Evolve Ultimate Edition (60% off) $23.99
  • The Evil Within (60% off) $23.99
  • Wolfenstein: The New Order (75% off) $14.99
  • Alien: Isolation (60% off) $11.99
  • BEYOND: Two Souls (60% off) $11.99
  • Metro Redux (60% off) $7.49
  • Tom Raider: Definitive Edition (75% off) $7.49
  • The Order: 1886 (60% off) $7.99 
  • Dust: An Elysian Tail (75% off) $3.74
  • Borderlands: The Handsome Collection (60% off) $23.99


  • Dishonored GOTY Edition (60% off) $11.99
  • BioShock (60% off) $7.99

In addition to games, the Flash Sale is also offering discounts on movies!

PS4 once again beats Xbox One sales in March 2016

Back in March 2015, the PlayStation 4 officially outsold the Xbox One, according to the NPD Group findings. March 2016 was no different for Sony, they once again outsold the Xbox One with the PlayStation 4 in retail stores, not in digital sales.

“Thank you to our fans and partners for making PlayStation 4 the top-selling console and software sales leader for the month of March, as well as the number-one console for fans of The Division, according to NPD," said Sony to NPD Group. "We are truly humbled by the success and look forward to delivering more amazing gaming experiences throughout 2016, including the launch of PlayStation VR this October.”

While Sony has outsold Microsoft when it comes to hardware sales, it doesn't mean that Sony is doing stellar in sales. Both companies are seeing a decline in revenue when it comes to hardware, a decline that can't be blamed on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 being unfavorable. The PS4 and Xbox One are being purchased at cheaper prices, which could very well be a reason for the companies to move towards upgraded consoles.

Microsoft and Sony have seen rumors of upraded consoles. Sony has been rumored to be working on a PS4 version that supports 4K and Microsoft's plans for an upgrade were recently suggested by FCC filings.

Rumor: PS4.5 codenamed 'Neo,' specs and details leaked; 'Confirmed' by alternate sources

Previous rumors the the upgraded PlayStation 4 console suggested that the console would be priced anywhere between $399 and $399, will feature a GPU twice as powerful as the standard PS4 and will upscale games to 4K.

New sources have revealed themselves through GiantBomb via leaked documents, which have been confirmed by Digital Foundry – who claims to have access to the very same documents. These leaked files detail the hardware specifications for the new PS4, how Sony expects to make the console work and its apparent codename.

Before we dive in, take a look at the supposed specs for the console codenamed 'Neo':

Original PS4 NEO
CPU 8 Jaguar Cores at 1.6 GHz 8 Jaguar Cores at 2.1 GHz
GPU AMD GCN, 18 CUs at 800 MHz Improved AMD GCN, 36 CUs at 911 MHz
Memory 8 GB GDDR5, 176 GB/s 8 GB GDDR5, 218 GB/s

How the console is expected to work:

The upgraded PS4 will offer better performance, power and graphics than the current version of the PlayStation 4. The documents suggested that Neo will feature the rumored 4K resolution for games that support 4K, without losing out on framerate.

According to the documents, Sony will not compromise framerate for resolution – games must meet or exceed the framerate of the original PS4's games.

Sony does not intend to split the PlayStation community with the two consoles. There will be no Neo specific games and no separation in online play between the two consoles. In addition to that, the upgraded console will not feature exclusive PlayStation VR modes.

How games will be affected:

Starting this October, every PS4 game will need to ship with two mods: Base Mode and Neo Mode. The Base Mode will run on the original PS4 with no alterations, while the Neo Mode will offer enhanced graphics and performance on the upgraded PlayStation 4.

Games that release in late September will require day one patches to upgrade them to Neo-worthy titles. Unfortunately, shipping a game with two versions sounds like adding additional development time to PlayStation games.