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Persona 5’s official website hints at incoming announcement

Details on Atlus’ long awaited Persona 5 have been scarce to say the least in recent months, but we might not have to wait much longer. Persona 5’s official website has posted a running countdown clock that will expire in just a couple of weeks on May 5th.

We know that Atlus’s official stance is that the game is coming out sometime this summer, so it’s possible that the reveal might just be a release date. *fingers crossed*

Originally, Persona 5 was supposed to land in 2015, but was delayed at TGS 2015. There have been a few details that have trickled out in regards to dungeon changes and and storyline, but suffice it to say, we could use a new kickass trailer and official release date to get this hype train rolling.

Source: [Persona 5 Official Website]

Persona 5's countdown timer will end with a livestream

A few days ago, Atlus posted a countdown timer on the official website for Persona 5. What exactly was at the end of the timer was a mystery, though it was easy to conclude it would be a significant announcement of some kind. Atlus announced today that at the moment the countdown timer expires, the Developers will be hosting a livestream that will reveal "all new information"

Fortunately, it seems as though we will be getting some good news at the other end of the countdown, so we might very well still get that Summer 2016 release date that the game was pushed to. 

Time will tell.

Source: [IGN]