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Rumor: Battlefield 1944 to be released in 2017

Back in 2002 the Swedish developer DICE shocked the world with Battlefield 1942, now it looks like it's time again to revisit World War II in Battlefield 1944.

Rumor has it that DICE is working on the next Battlefield game and apparently it will be set in WWII once again. This isn't the first time that a rumor about the next Battlefield game either being set in or including World War gameplay has gotten out. In March the supposed DLC plans for Battlefield 5 came out showing that the game would include such settings. And a Swiss retailer has listed Battlefield 5 as a WWI shooter.

This time the rumor has it that a full new Battlefield game will take place in WWII, Battlefield 1944. A leaked picture online shows the release window, what maps will be in it, and when the beta starts. The game itself is scheduled for release in March 2017, less than a year away from now. Those who pre-order will get the "Nostalgia Map-Pack" which will include Back To El Alamein and more fan favorites, and a special skin for the M1 Carbine.

The early beta of Battlefield 1944 is set to begin as soon as this November.

But remember, this is still just a rumor. DICE has not said anything about this and they will have an official announcement on May 6 about Battlefield 5. This remains a rumor until DICE has officially announced a new WWII Battlefield.

Source: [orbitom]