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Xbox's Phil Spencer gives his take on 'Xbox One and a half' idea

There has been tons of speculation during the last few weeks that Sony is considering an upgraded version of their PS4 console, dubbed the PS4.5. In fact, a few of the system specs are starting rumors of their own. However it seems Xbox's Phil Spencer wouldn't support Microsoft if they followed suit. 

Spencer gave his take on the rumors during a recent roundtable discussion with Game Informer. He said: 

"I’m not a big fan of Xbox One and a half. If we’re going to move forward, I want to move forward in big numbers." 

Despite the troubles that Xbox gamers have encountered with Microsoft's online experience, specifically Xbox Live, it seems the Xbox boss is pretty happy with the console's performance. 

"I don’t know anything about any of the rumors that are out there, but I can understand other teams’ motivations to do that. For us, our box is doing well. It performs, it’s reliable, the servers are doing well. If we’re going to go forward with anything, like I said, I want it to be a really substantial change for people – an upgrade."

If these comments are anything to go off of – for now at least – it would seem that an Xbox One upgrade is not on the cards. 

[Game Informer]

ARK: Survival Evolved on Xbox One gains three new creatures in latest update

The latest ARK: Survival Evolved update for Xbox One includes a number of different fixes, locations and three new creatures. 

Studio Wildcard sent out a press release detailing a number of changes for the game, including a new trailer – as featured above. 

The trailer shows the title's latest additions; Woolly Rhino, Eurypterid and Dunkleosteus, along with some concept art. Take a look:

Aside from those additions, here are the fixes: 

  • The game's frame rate has been increased by around 10%.
  • Players will now teleport above ground if they find themselves stuck underground.
  • The in-game spyglass now works with splitscreen.
  • The colorization for the mammoths have been fixed.
  • When opening the Tribe Menu the focus is no longer on the Leave Tribe button, and there is a confirmation button for the Leave Tribe option also added. 

Also, as well as the current servers, Studio Wildcard has announced the introduction of Extinction Event servers – marking the arrival of Swamp and Snow Cave-Dungeons biomes. 

Many gamers will already be aware that this game is still at preview-stage, however the full game it is expected to be released on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC later this year. 

Kit Harington apologises to Game of Thrones fans

This story contains information regarding Sunday's Game of Thrones episode: 'Home' and may contain spoilers.

After months of Kit Harington telling Game of Thrones fans that their beloved Jon Snow had died and would not be making a return, it turns out he was lying all along. 

This week's episode came to a close with Davos and Melisandre trying to revive Jon Snow, but after it looked like their attempts had failed, they left the room. Little did they know, Snow started to breathe again – despite Harington categorically claiming that his character was not coming back. 

Well, in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Kit Harington gave his post-episode comments. He said: “Sorry! I’d like to say sorry for lying to everyone. I’m glad that people were upset that he died. I think my biggest fear was that people were not going to care. Or it would just be, ‘Fine, Jon Snow’s dead.’

"But it seems like people had a, similar to the Red Wedding episode, kind of grief about it. Which means something I’m doing – or the show is doing – is right.” 

Whatever way you look at this resurrection, one thing is for certain – Jon Snow definitely knew something this time around. 


Spencer Wilding reportedly set to play Darth Vader in Star Wars: Rogue One

It looks like Hayden Christensen will not be reprising his role as Darth Vader in Star Wars: Rogue One, as a report today suggests Spencer Wilding will instead be wearing the character's iconic mask. 

For months the reports and rumours have swayed back-and-forth as to who will be casted as Darth Vader, should he appear in Star Wars: Rogue One, and now FlickeringMyth.com believe they have the answer. 

A report posted on their website states: "It was reported last year that the Sith Lord would feature in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and that Hayden Christensen would be reprising the role for the movie. We teased last month that the rumour was correct, but Christensen would not be playing the part. That’s because our sources are telling us that in fact British actor Spencer Wilding has been cast to play the body of Darth Vader in Rogue One." 

Many websites have reported the potential return of Darth Vader to the franchise, some would even say it is confirmed at this stage, and it would make sense for the storyline for him to do so. 

For those that might not have heard about Star Wars: Rogue One's plot, here's a little synopsis that might help. Basically, the story involves a group of rebels who seek to steal the plans to build the Death Star from the Empire, without the help of Jedi allies. 

Therefore, this upcoming movie – which is heading for a December 16th release later this year – will be positioned between the prequel trilogy and the original trilogy, making reports of a possible Darth Vader cameo pretty plausible.


Yoda actor reportedly heading towards Star Wars: Episode 8 set

A report today from Making Star Wars suggests that Star Wars fans could be in for a surprise for Episode 8, a small, green and iconic surprise – Yoda to be precise. 

Frank Oz, the voice actor and puppeteer for the Yoda character, is reportedly travelling to or already on set for fliming in the UK.

An image was put out by director Rian Johnson yesterday on Tumblr, which confirmed the return of Maz Kanata for the franchise's next instalment, and it is very possible that Oz's return is to mentor Lupita Nyong’o for the role. 

The website, however, states the actor is there to work: 

"The facts to the best of our knowledge: Oz is in the U.K. to work. He’s going to Pinewood. They’re making Star Wars: Episode VIII there. This is one of those times we’re seeing the start of something cool coming to fruition or something we’ll all laugh at down the road. Either way, it’s all fun."


Those that have watched Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be aware that Maz Kanata is an alien character, therefore it is entirely possible that Oz's appearance on set is simply for tutoring purposes, but it could also be for a Yoda return – very much a mystery at this stage. 


Until these reports have been officially confirmed we would suggest that you take this report with a hint of salt, but don't let us stand in your way while you fantasy book his return! 


Got an idea of how it could work? (After all, Yoda did die) Let us know in the comments section below!




HBO unveils new Game of Thrones Season 6 trailer

HBO has released its latest Game of Thrones trailer, leaving so many questions lingering in fans minds ahead of season six.

The trailer has dragons, it has power, it has emphasis, it even has a comedic scene with Tyrion – in short form, everything a Game of Thrones fan would want, and more so expect from this new teaser.

Season six is expected to hit screens on April 24th on HBO, and will be shown in the UK the following day via Sky Atlantic.

This is the first season of the HBO show that will surpass the books, in terms of story, and with these trailers the only thing to go off, it is now a waiting game.

But until then, feel free to look at every single frame of the trailer above, in an attempt to snoop for clues. You won’t be the only one, we can assure you of that.

Also, here’s the trailer before this one too, just in case you missed it:

[GameOfThrones: YouTube]

Halo's Master Chief takes on Skyrim's Dovahkiin in GTA V fan-made video

Comparing the qualities of different video game characters is a part of what makes gaming great, and now one YouTuber is throwing both The Master Chief and Dovahkiin into the grandest colosseum of all to do battle – the streets of Los Santos. 

In this phase one video, which can be found above, not only do we see a face-off between two iconic characters from very different genres, a dragon enters the world of Grand Theft Auto.

The video shows a rather epic face-to-face encounter but ends abruptly in typical 'cliff hanger' fashion. For those that are interested in seeing what happens next we can confirm that the next video will be released within the next two months, after speaking to the creator of the video yesterday. 

If you would like to check out more videos like this one above, head over to Adam Pinkman's YouTube channel by clicking here.


Emilia Clarke says controversial Game of Thrones scenes empowered her character

Game of Thrones actress Emilia Clarke has again hit back at those that have criticised her character's controversial rape scenes, instead suggesting that such experiences have made Daenerys stronger.

The scenes in question date back to 2011 involving Clarke's on-screen husband Khal Drogo, Jason Momoa, and still the debate continues. 

When pressed on such controversy by Glamour Magazine, the 29-year old seemed to be looking at the bigger picture, so to speak.

She said: “The consensual sex she has thereafter was genius. She is physically saying, 'You can't rape me again. I'm going to be in control and show you something you've never seen before.

“At the heart of it, we're telling a story; you need that part of the story to feel empathy for Daenerys. You see her attacked by her brother, raped by her husband, and then going, ‘F**k all of you, I'm gonna rule the world.”

Whether you agree with George RR Martin's decision to include violent rape scenes of this nature or not, it was his intention to spark debate on controversial issues of this kind, and he's explained that on numerous occasions. 

Back in June 2015 the book writer was involved in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, where he defended his inclusion of rape. He said: “Rape, unfortunately, still a part of war today. It’s not a strong testament to the human race, but I don’t think we should pretend it doesn’t exist.

“I want to portray struggle. Drama comes out of conflict. If you portray a utopia, then you probably wrote a pretty boring book.”

What do you think? Should scenes of this nature be shown on TV, or in the books for that matter…. Let us know in the comments section below.