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Modder makes six-button Game Boy emulator with a $5 computer

Modder and YouTuber wermy created a RetroPie handheld emulator using little more than an original Game Boy frame, a $5 Raspberry Pi Zero microcomputer, a micro SD card and good old fashioned creativity.  

Using RetroPie, a Raspberry-based all-purpose retro emulator, as a base, wermy souped up a Game Boy with a suite of modern perks. The custom handheld sports a 3.5-inch composite screen, added X and Y face buttons and L and R rear buttons.

Additionally, the handheld has an external USB port, a mini HDMI connector, Bluetooth connectivity and a 2000ma rechargeable battery. Inside are hand-soldered buttons which can be used to adjust the screen’s settings.

Just as impressive is the micro SD-equipped cartridge which effectively puts dozens of systems and hundreds of games inside one little chip. The cartridge acts as a mini hard drive from which the custom Game Boy pulls and boots RetroPie’s extensive game archive.

It’s baffling to see so many years of game development crammed into such a small package. That’s technology for you. Now then, wermy, when does mass production start and where can we pre-order?  

Source: YouTube

Via: PC Gamer

Rumor: Valve preparing to attempt paid mods on Steam again

When Valve began integrating paid mods into the Steam Workshop with The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, the gaming community replied with anger, some went as far as sending death threats to Gabe Newell. The general concensus was paid mods on Steam were a bad idea.

The intentions behind the paid mod program was to give money to the individuals that spent so much time creating mods for games and making them available to everyone.

Both Valve and Bethesda quickly decided to scrape the idea after implementing it, saying that they shouldn't have attempted to integrate the paid modding program into such an established community such as Skyrim. Note that they didn't say it was a bad idea in general, just that they shouldn't have started with Skyrim.

It is being reported that terminology in the Steam Workshop has changed, suggesting that paid mods are making a comeback. According to Game Debate, any creator that heads into their Steam Workshop and check out an item will be met with a message that says:

 “You can subscribe to this item for free because you are the creator or listed as a contributor.”

While it is a subtle change, suggesting that you can subscribe to an item for free implies that other items will not be free. No official word has released on the subject, but it was questioned if the paid mod program on Steam was why the Fallout 4 Creation Kit was taking so long. 

Bethesda and Valve did originally agree to attempt the program last year, with Fallout 4's community not as established as the Skyrim community… It could be the next community to have the paid mod program attempted on it.

This has not been verified by Valve or Bethesda, we have reached out to both for a response.

Mod brings Fallout 4’s loot system to New Vegas

Fallout 4’s greatly improved and streamlined loot system is now available in Fallout: New Vegas thanks to one efficiency-loving modder.

Fallout 4 pared back many classic Fallout mechanics—many to an excessive degree, some say. With that said, from diehard role-players to FPS freaks, players agree that Fallout 4’s loot system is head and shoulders above the cluttered menus in Fallout 3 and New Vegas, not to mention The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

NexusMod user Xilandro eliminated much of that clutter in his Quickloot mod, which gives all searchable items a pop-up menu. In a nutshell, rather than manually highlighting and then searching safes, bodies, chests and the like, simply mousing over them will pull up their contents for you to pick through.

Additionally, the mod allows you to customize the location and size of your loot menu. You can see it in action in the video below. Oh, and if you want to use the same system in Skyrim, NexusMod’s himika has got you covered.

Source: NexusMods

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Watch Star Wars: Rogue One perfectly recreated in Fallout 4

YouTube is the gift that keeps on giving, this time YouTube has gifted us with a Fallout 4 version of the recently released Rogue One trailer.

The official Star Wars: Rogue One trailer came out less than a week ago and someone has already recreated it in a game. The spin-off film's trailer was recreated in Fallout 4, of course, with the help of a bunch of mods. Youtuber UpIsNotJump took it upon himself to recreated one of the most anticipated trailers this year, and they did a really good job.

Yesterday, another Youtuber remixed the Gears of War 4 trailer making it even sadder than it was before. It seems like YouTube is filled with gold these days.

Modder makes Aliens: Colonial Marines playable

One of the worst games in recent memory,  Aliens: Colonial Marines, has finally been fixed—by a modder. This isn't the first time a modder rescued a bad game, and it probably won't be the last.

The game that got a 5/10 on GameZone, the game that forced a studio to shut its doors, the game Gearbox defended and blamed crticism against on "sadistic" players, yes, that game, is now playable.

When you love something, you let it go, unless you are a modder TemplarGFX. He has basically remade the whole game, going so far as to fix its AI. 

"Experience Aliens: Colonial Marines how it should have been when it came out," Templar said. "Heavily Balanced and Play-Tested for exciting, suspenseful and most importantly, FUN gameplay.

"Xenomorphs have seen the most work fixing their behavior and mechanics to make them truly terrifying foes to face, dramatically shifting the tone of the entire campaign."

The mod that he calls "TemplarGFX's ACM Overhaul" has reworked, reprogrammed, and replaced the game's AI, weapon mechanics, ballistics, shaders, particles, decals, lighting and other engine features to get the best possible version of Aliens: Colonial Marines. 

You can see for yourself how this new mod improves Colonial Marines in the videos below.

Source: ModDB