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Gotham "Knock Knock" Review

For those who are still skeptical about Gotham, I think last night’s episode was the beautiful beginning of putting your woes to rest. The major point of discrepancy in everything I’ve read is that the Penguin has seemingly stolen the focus away from Jim Gordon. It can be argued that Oswald is featured in every episode, even in the most arbitrary of scenes just to feature him. That being said, yesterday proved that not only is he not the only major player in the plot, but he wasn’t even featured.

This episode was chilling. When we were promised the rise of the villains, I don’t think any of us thought of the bloodshed and massacre that would come by the hands of Gotham’s most sinister. Having the episode begin with Theo Galavan (James Frain) using scare tactics to torture the mayor, writers set the tone pretty heavy for the next forty-five minutes of terror. After some shipyard workers are tossed over the roof of the Gotham Gazette in order to make headlines, there is an installation of panic throughout the streets of the city. Gordon pays a visit to Harvey and begs him to come back to the police force, only to be thwarted by Harvey’s wife. The escaped Arkhamites including smiling Jerome Velaska (Cameron Monaghan) and his crew fight over the right to be leader of the squad (see what I did there?). The squad hatches a plan to barbeque a bus of cheerleaders, but fails, and one of their captured members receives a head shot by the hand of Tabitha Galavan before he can talk.

Back at Gotham PD, Barbara Kean (Erin Richards) places a call to Gordon from inside the police station in order to lure him away into the streets where he is promptly beaten senseless. All the while, the entire police station is shot up by the Arkham escapees and the Commissioner is murdered on camera by Jerome. After the massacre, Harvey Bullock (Donal Logue) seamlessly returns to the force with no questions asked. Meanwhile Alfred Pennyworth (Sean Pertwee) destroys a computer found in an underground cave, young Bruce Wayne fires him, then rehires him so long as he can fix the computer. Alfred employs the help of Lucius Fox (Chris Chalk) but not before threatening to string him up like a smoked fish if he betrays them. Phew. That was a lot. Seriously.

Okay, where to begin?  I think it’s interesting that the villains are portraying pure evil with no intentions. Sure, the premise of the maniacal doings is to take over the world, but with no end goal in sight, the group is just wreaking havoc. There is nothing more descriptive of DC comic villains than pure evil. I feel in all comic lines produced by DC, that the heroes are all-powerful and the villains all-evil.

I think we’re all starting to buy in to the fact that Jerome is going to be the joker. The scene in which Gotham PD is massacred, he films the entire murder. Sound a little like what he did to Barbara Gordon in The Killing Joke? I thought so too. Now if only he would start donning a Hawaiian shirt and flat brim hat, I’d be sold. For every Joker there must be a Harley, and Barbara Kean is shaping up to be just that. With a sinister kiss to Gordon and a child-like fit when she’s not included in the barbeque festivities, it’s becoming clear that whether we like it or not these two are Gotham’s representation of these characters.

I’m starting to fall in love with Edward Nygma’s craziness. It’s very difficult for an actor to portray even one character let alone a character that is fighting with himself. Cory Michael Smith is doing an incredible job. You can see with each face of the soon to be Riddler that there is a mastery of understanding of this battle that we all know the ending to.

Can someone explain to me why the Alfred Pennyworth that we all know and love, who is a refined Englishman no less, is suddenly spitting cockney? I did really enjoy his approach of Lucius Fox at the bar. I though his candor and speech about how he deals with disloyal people was the definition of who Alfred is. Plus, a pre-bat gadget developing Fox is going to be an awesome character to watch.

Jim Gordon is still trying to be the voice of moral compass. When the force shows up to the gas-filled truck and school bus that’s about to be torched, the villains start shooting at the cops. With no hesitation Gordon screams “don’t shoot,” at his fellow police force. This is the Gordon we all know. Not afraid to bend the rules, but at the very end of the day, he’s the only one morally sound in Gotham.

The Huntress headshot that kills of one of the villains is proof that she is going to be developed into the absolute mercenary that she is. I literally could not be more excited about this. The scene this week when her and Barbara are having a twisted girl’s night in by torturing the mayor played tribute to both her and Barbara’s characters and how they mean business, but love to have villain style fun.

There are still a lot of characters to sift through, however, if this season keeps on track the way that it has been so far, a small feature of each story line each episode will ensure that the “convoluted” story lines will be straightened out, and furthermore, enjoyable to watch.

Gotham 'By Fire' Review

Gotham is getting brutal. Serious things are happening and I was not expecting this show to take a turn for dark and demented, but boy was I wrong. There is a huge dedication to character development, and I can tell already that this long game is going to pay off in the end. The writers are masterfully molding different intertwining storylines that are a pure joy to watch.

Where to even begin? I guess we'll start with Bridgit Pike (Michelle Veintimilla), or the first ever female Firefly. I can't tell you how ridiculously awesome/heartbreaking this character is. A physically and mentally abused street rat who is forced into crime by her brothers, who are working for Penguin. She wields a fireproof suit, a flamethrower, and a flare for vigilante justice. In a planned fire, she accidentally kills one of the members of the strike force. She now has Gotham PD all over.  I enjoy that Bridgit is a childhood friend of Selina Kyle's. It plays in for a nice dynamic as they rob underground degenerates for money to help Bridgit to escape her abusive brothers. Sticking true to the Firefly origin story, in a failed escape plan from the police, she becomes engulfed in flames and is presumed dead. It isn't until the end of the episode that we discover that she is in fact, alive. Well, sort of. Her suit has been burned on to her skin and she is now essentially fireproof and being held underground in a Wayne Industries building for further testing. The creation of this character is significant because she shares similar tendencies to her predecessor, Garfield Lynns. They both had an abusive childhood which led to their lash out of pyromania. However, classically Lynns was a visual effects specialist working on movies in Gotham.

In meeting Bridgit we discover a humane side to Selina Kyle. Selina bends over backwards (haha) to help Bridgit. The two rob a sex ring operation by using Selina's knack for breaking and entering and Bridgit's flamethrower. When Bridgit kills a cop, Selina calls in a favor from James Gordon forcing him to promise that once captured, Bridgit would be fine. However, when this falls through we can almost be certain Selina won't be doing favors for Gordon any time soon. 

Bruce and Alfred are still in a training. During a boxing match Alfred clocks Bruce in the face and he gets right back up to go at it again. Bruce is invited to dinner with the Galavan's and Silver. He's completely smitten and it is fifty shades of dangerous. 

Penguin is losing his ever-loving mind. Don't judge him though, you would too if your mother was being held hostage and all of your money was taken. He decides to send his henchmen to infiltrate the Galavan's inner ranks so they can find his mother. After discovering that the Galavan's were once a prominent family in the city who were forced to change their name, it becomes clear that their end goal is to take back what is theirs. The only way to do that is by crumbling the Wayne empire, including killing Bruce. In the process of their defeat in previous decades, a cursed knife was used to chop off the arm of the Galavan's ancestor…. And we got to see it. It was brutal. Way more brutal than I was expecting. Taking a page from history in attempt to convince Theo that Penguin has let Butch go, the waddled cuts of his lackeys hand with a meat cleaver. WHAT IS GOING ON HERE? People are being set on fire and their hands are getting cut off left and right.  Theo sees through this charade pretty fast, and decides to reverse brainwash Butch. Huntress and Barbara also decide to put a steel mallet on his stump. I call that a good use of a bad situation.  He then returns to Penguin and plays the two way street. Ladies and gentleman, we have a double agent. 

Edward Nygma decides it's appropriate to tell Ms. Kringle that he killed her ex cop boyfriend immediately post colitis. Talk about timing, Ed. She naturally freaks out and tries to run. Nygma put his hands around her throat begging her to stay and promising that he'll never hurt her…. As he mutters the words she falls to the floor dead. I kind of adore that there is no more attachment to Edwards mind and body, it's a lucid and graceful descent into his future and it is a blast to watch. 

Okay so here's what we know.

-There is a blood war going on between Penguin and Theo Galavan and it's about to get ugly. 

-Theo is using his ward, Silver St. Cloud to lure Bruce into a trap.

-Wayne industries has a testing facility where there are future villains ripe for the picking. 

-The little heart Selina Kyle had is now shattered and she's going to return to being a selfish street cat. 

-Nygma is about two steps away from going full-blown Riddler. 

-We haven't seen the last of Firefly. 

And as extension: Ms. Kringle, we will miss you. Or more so we'll miss Nygma's obsession with you. Rest in peace.

Gotham "Strike Force" Review

With the unexpected death of Jerome still weighing heavy on our hearts, the skeptical speculation of a stagnant plot in his absence looms over our minds. This season has accomplished much plot development in the last three episodes than the entirety of every episode of last season combined. Would all the groundwork be laid for nothing post-death of Jerome? I know that I was not alone in placing a hold on my investment in Gotham leading into this week.

Here’s what we learned this week. Theo Galavan is slowly, but surely, unravelling his master plan to reclaim what his ancestors built. In case you are behind, I mean this quite literally, his ancestors built Gotham. This evil plan is coming into fruition as Galavan weasels his way into the public’s hearts by staging events in which he becomes the hero. Being a hero to the city obviously means you should run for mayor, and that he does. However, his campaign cannot be an honest one. Of course he needs to murder the other candidates. For his plot, he enlists the help of Penguin. After pitching his plan to Cobblepot, then being promptly shut down, Galavan unleashes his secret weapon. He has Penguin’s mother in an undisclosed location with a camera on her. So now he has Penguin, the crime boss of Gotham, eating out of the palm of his hand and thus he doesn’t have to worry about his opponents. The plot seriously thickens when Galavan attends dinner with Bruce Wayne. Young master Bruce just wanted to thank Theo for saving his life. Theo takes this opportunity to introduce his ward, Silver St. Cloud (Natalie Alyn). It becomes clear that Bruce and Silver will be attending school together at Gotham Prep. Dominos are going to start falling very quickly.

In other news, there is a new Commissioner, Captain Nathaniel Barnes (Michael Chiklis) and he means business. After instantly firing half of the Gotham PD staff for their misconducts, Barnes makes Gordon second in command. It becomes clear that they need more manpower so they go to the police academy and recruit some cadets. There’s a whole bit on Barnes and Gordon both being military men of different branches and the respect for the brethren of militia is endearing. The two find four suitable cadets and code name them 'Strike Force.'

This Strike Force is quickly put into use when Victor Zsasz starts shooting up one of the mayoral candidate’s campaign posts. Victor Zsasz ends up getting away. This seems a little arbitrary until we make the correlation that Zsasz works for Penguin, thus Penguin is now public enemy number one.
Meanwhile at prep school, Selina Kyle is waiting for Bruce when Alfred pulls up and promptly slaps her in the face, telling her to leave him alone and that Bruce’s life is better without her. She then sulks away and finds a street corner to sulk some more. Selina is a very sad kitty. Bruce had made a side comment last episode that he wants to train to be stronger and that he’ll do whatever it takes. Alfred makes him run six miles home.

Edward Nygma finally gets the girl! After a short fight with himself, he goes fifty shades of Rico Suave and asks Ms. Kringle over for dinner. He creates a gourmet meal out of test tubes and science. He quickly confesses that he has a voice in his head that keeps him from being clumsy, and they end the night with a kiss.

Penguin starts falling apart at the seams and confides in his body guard his insecurities and how it’s an absolute necessity that they get his mother back. The last scene is heartbreaking as Penguin is crying and screaming in front of a fireplace.

Okay, here’s what we know. The introduction of Silver St. Cloud is a pretty monumental key to the plot because Silver is an ongoing love interest for Bruce Wayne in the comics for decades. The introduction of her as Theo Galavan’s ward is an interesting plot arch, I wonder how Theo is going to use her to sway his stance. She seems blissfully unaware of her Uncle’s evil doings thus far but, it’s still entirely too early to tell. Also, how is Selina Kyle going to react when she sees the two of them together? Selina pretty much has every element attached to be Catwoman, however this love interest might just push her over the edge completely. 

Nygma is getting taken over more and more by his stronger personality, which is making him fun to watch. As a dynamic character it’s incredible to witness the descent from shy/awkward nerd to ballsy bad boy. Cory Michael Smith is doing an incredible job at portraying the jump in to insanity, and I for one am thoroughly enjoying being along for the ride.

Penguin is an absolute wreck and is unable to run the underground of crime in this state. Though I am happy to see his character being featured again after our brief love stint with Jerome, this is not how I want to see him. How is this going to resolve? My bet is that Cobblepot uses his manpower to overthrow Theo Galavan. It’s really the matchup of billions of dollars vs. reputation with the crime lords, and I think that this is the only case where the underdog would win.

I feel like every episode thus far has been an attempt to clean up Gotham from within. I’m a little bit tired of seeing Jim Gordon get his hopes up just to be shot down again and again. However, with the introduction of Captain Barnes and his “take no bullshit” attitude, I think we might be on to something, for once.

Things are getting interesting and I’m happy because we were definitely all a bit scared that things were going to go stale after the show-stopping performance that Cameron Monaghan gave us. If Gotham keeps at the pace they’re going, it’s possible that they can dig themselves out of the hole they’ve been living in. I’m not saying that Gotham is going to be able to sit with Arrow and Flash at lunch, but maybe they’ll wave at Gotham occasionally. Right now, that’s all we can ask for.

Gotham Season Premiere "Damned if you do" Review

I cannot for the life of me understand why critics do not like Gotham. Season two premiered last night with “Rise of the Villains: Damned If You Do”, and it was the live action comic show we deserve. The episode was forty-five minutes of exactly what we were promised. Fox swore to deliver a gritty crime drama about the dark inner workings of the city in which our caped hero was born into. I think fanboys and fangirls alike need to keep in mind that this show was never supposed to be about Bruce Wayne and Batman.

We have already been introduced to some of the classics already, such as The Riddler (Cory Michael Smith), Catwoman (CarmenBicondova), and Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor). However, new individuals are introduced that are sure to play a key role this season.

The episode begins with a masked villain using the name Zaardon the Soul Reaper, attacking a busy street in Gotham. James Gordon (Ben McKenzie), who was demoted to a traffic cop, peacefully takes him down, only to be discharged from Gotham PD for shoving a fellow cop. Commissioner Loeb (Peter Scolari) has had it out for Jim for a while, and sees to it that Jim is stripped of his badge and gun. Through a series of not-so-noble acts, Gordon gets himself reinstated, but not before teaming up with Penguin to square a debt.

Penguin and Victor Zsasz(squeals) pay a late night visit to Loeb to scare the daylights out of him into bringing Gordon back on the force. In all of this we discover that Selina Kyle is now in the employment of Oswald Cobblepot. Meanwhile, in Arkham, Barbara Kean (Erin Richards) has been committed for admitting that she killed her parents. In Arkham, donning a stripped uniform, she meets Jerome Valeska (Cameron Monaghan) who wears a strangely familiar smile. Through a strange series of events, Barbra Kean and the lot escape Arkham, only to be picked up by Theo Galavan (James Frain) and his sister Tabitha Galavan (Jessica Lucas). Meanwhile young Bruce Wayne has found a secret cave below Wayne Manor and is hell bent on getting it open. Using some bombs, he conveniently found lying around his house, he blows the locked door to shreds and found a note from his deceased parents. It read something like “You don’t want to know the truth unless you have a calling to protect it.”

It's commentary break time. This show has been a keen implementor of McGuffins, that is an absolute truth. Is Jerome Valeska going to be the Joker? We don’t really have that answer. Does he portray a lot of the same characteristics? Yes, he does. However, considering that we do not have a definitive Joker origin story, there’s no way that we can indefinitely say that this man is going to be the jester prince of crime.  You might look at me and say, what about the Killing Joke by Alan Moore? To you I say, it was never accredited as the Joker origin, and cannot be held as the finite truth in who the Joker is.

There have also been some rumors that Barbara Kean will be playing Harley Quinn. I think this one is a bit farfetched considering thatHarleen Quinzel is an Arkham employee in her origin, not an inmate.

Let’s talk about what we do know from this episode. Edward Nygma is slowly, but surely losing his mind. He’s been talking to himself and spatting off riddles left and right. It’s extremely appropriate that he is employed by the city of Gotham, and when he finally cracks, it’s going to be beautiful.

Oswald Cobblepot is waddling around becoming a crime boss after allegedly murdering Fish Mooney. He’s pretty much already developed into the villain he was meant to be, and now we as the viewers are just along for the ride. Robin Lord Taylor is doing a fantastic job portraying Penguin. Every episode I watch I expect to care less about his character, but the maniacal smile and sadistic persona is absolutely chilling.

Victor Zsasz. If you are not in complete awe of how awesome pre-tally mark Zsazs looks, then you need t re-evaluate your love for DC villains. This man is a behemoth of serial killers and he is a complete loose screw. I am so extremely excited that he’s Penguins henchman, and I can’t wait for the tallies to start adding up.

Selina Kyle wasn’t really featured this episode. I’m still not completely convinced she will ever be completely evil.

However, we do know, based on the comics, that Tabitha Galavan will eventually become Tigress — a villain who runs a group of thugs, thieves, and murderers. Although the character doesn't technically go by the name Tabitha, as the show does play with character names, I can completely buy in that this woman could be the alter ego.

I feel like this show is in it for the long haul, and to judge it with hatred before it’s even begun to chip into character development isn’t fair. There is infinite material to work with, and so far the villains have been on point. It may seem to be a bit convoluted in the sense that so many characters are being featured, however, what’s the alternative? Make a film and try to explain a bunch of origin stories? No offense Batman and Robin, I still love you. I truly feel like this show is heading in an awesome direction and last night’s episode proved exactly that. Not a minute wasted, and there are tons of questions to be resolved, and I for one can’t wait until next Monday.

Gotham 'Mommy's Little Monster' Review

Holy mother of villains, Batman. Things are getting intense in Gotham. It's like watching an elegant painting being crafted in front of our eyes, and it is glorious. The portrayal of all of these characters descending into madness is a nerdgasm, and it's getting better and better every week.

This week Theo Galavan was appointed mayor, but not before he unleashed Huntress and killed Penguin’s mother in front of the waddling prince of crime. Talk about a backstabbing. No, literally, she stabbed his mother in the back. This was heartbreaking. You have to love to hate Penguin. He's just a small town boy with big time dreams who is slowly but surely losing every little piece of his sanity. We’re watching a train wreck happen is slow motion. With the taste of revenge fresh on his lips, Penguin vows to kill Galavan as he pulls the knife out of his mother’s lifeless body and plunges at Theo. He barely grazes his throat, then jumps out a window to escape before Huntress can off-load a clip into him. 

Sporting a new gash on his throat and a Penguin shaped chip on his shoulder, Galavan’s first order of business as mayor is to declare Marshall Law to find Penguin. Jim Gordon is beginning to understand that Galavan is lying about something. Considering that Jim and Penguin are well acquainted there's no way that Oswald would attack anyone unprovoked. I love the loyalty that Gordon has for his city and the need to do his civic duty to keep it safe. This is the Jim Gordon I grew up with, the one I know and love. Needing to find answers Gordon and Harvey go to find Butch and squeeze out some truth about Galavan kidnapping Penguins mom. Immediately after Victor Zsasz and company, per Penguins orders, shoot up Butch’s hide out. This onslaughts a supreme evening of violence.

We've already established that Penguin is public enemy number one, so obviously it seems like a good idea to go kill Theo Galavan at his celebration party. Penguin dresses up all of his henchmen as himself, they even had his waddle. There was a lot of bloodshed this week. All of these faux Penguins were shot by Gotham PD. The real Penguin gets Gordon and Galavan alone, to no avail. Penguin gets sniped in the chest by Huntress and escapes off into the night. The only thing to come of this whole fiasco is that Galavan now knows that Gordon has his name at the top of his list. 

I was a little bit upset about Silver St. Cloud revealing she is in on Theo Galavan's plan to kill Bruce. I think she could have been used as so much more of a dynamic character if she hadn't known. The scene where she's at Wayne Manor and she threatens Selina Kyle seemed a bit unnecessary too. Poor kitty cat, you're just getting shit on by the entire world. Selina calls Silver a slut, and Bruce promptly tells Selina to go away and never come back. Later Bruce goes to the Galavan's to apologize to Silver, and they share a kiss. 

By far the best part of this episode was watching the full transcendence of the Riddler. Corey Michael Smith deserves an Emmy for this performance. Last week Nygma accidentally killed Ms. Kringle. This week his subconscious hid her body inside of Gotham PD, leaving riddles along the way to find her. This whole bit was shot and edited so well that my mouth was agape with amazement. I am so beyond pumped to see where this goes. 

Here's what's going on. 

  • Penguin is being forced into the underground and he's out for blood,.
  • Edward Nygma no longer exists, it's only the Riddler from here on out. 
  • Selina and Bruce are no longer friends.
  • Jim Gordon knows that Galavan killed Penguin’s mother, but not that killing Bruce is part of the master plan.
  • Silver and Bruce are now an item.
  • Gotham is engulfed by Marshall Law.