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Hi-C's Ecto Cooler returning just before launch of Ghostbusters reboot

The upcoming Ghostbusters reboot has had more than its fair share of opinions on the internet (to say the least). But one thing everybody should agree on to be excited about is the return of Hi-C's Ecto Cooler which, according to Coca-Cola, will make its official comeback on May 30th about a month and a half before the film launches on July 15th.

The drink was previously leaked on eBay a couple months back before the auction ended suddenly. Bidding began at $0.99 FYI.

Hi-C's Ecto Cooler will come in 10-packs of 6-ounce juice boxes as well as 6 and 12-packs of 11.5 oz. cans. The cans will also have a special thermal ink that turns the can slime green when it's chilled.

Details have been in no short supply about the film with images from the set of the movie and the reveal of the film's main villain being some of the more recent highlights. 

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LEGO Dimensions: Ghostbusters Level Pack Review

LEGO Dimensions was easily one of my favorite toy-to-life games. Not only did it retain its LEGO charm, but it introduced a lot of wild properties all in a single game. Unlike Disney Infinity where characters were confined to their own worlds in Play Sets, any character could cross-over into another's in LEGO Dimension. That means you could have Scooby Doo helping out Doctor Who defend himself against Cybermen, or Batman chilling out with Homer Simpson in Springfield. It's insane!

The latest Level Pack which just released is part of the Ghostbusters franchise, and includes a Peter Venkman minifig, the Ecto-1 and a Ghost Trap. As usual, the Level Packs are indeed just a single level, though a fairly prolonged one, and it condenses the story of the first movie in about 30-45 minutes.




Ghostbusters The Video Game officially announced, launches this Summer

Earlier today, the official unveiling of the reported Ghostbusters game was officially announced. The tie-in game brings players into New York City on an adventure to rid the ghost in throughout the city.


In addition to the official announcement, we also got out first look at gameplay. In the trailer above, you can see that you can play either as a male or female and don the iconic proton pack.


The official Ghostbuster Video Game is set to release three days before the Ghostbuster reboot film which is set to debut on July 15.  If you still are not interested in the Ghostbusters reboot, you might want to read our recent post on 'Why it's OK to be excited for Ghostbusters'  to get yourself pumped for the film.

The Ghostbusters Reboot trailer is the most disliked video in YouTube history

I knew the reaction for the new Ghostbusters trailer was poor. I just didn't realize it was all-time poor. The official trailer for Paul Feig's Ghostbusters reboot has been disliked on YouTube over 515,000 times. Strictly speaking, that's not as many negative clicks as Justin Bieber's Baby or Gangnam Style, but the ratio of views per dislike on Ghostbusters is much, much higher.

Here are the ratios:

  • Ghostbusters: 56:1
  • Justin Bieber's Baby: 226:1
  • Gangnam Style: 1,666:1

That's pretty insane. I think it's worth mentioning that it's OK to dislike a movie, but it's another to intentionally seek out and bash the movie. There are unconfirmed allegations that angry fans are driving up the dislike counter in some coordinated effort to bring down the movie. Whether or not this is true, can't definitely be answered.

Clearly, there are two very different opposing and equally irrational frames of thinking with this movie. People seem to either hate the movie so bad that they feel the need to seek it out and bash it for their own pleasure or there are the defenders that accuse anyone of being a misogynist, even if they legitimately don't like the movie for whatever reason.

There's a pretty simple solution to this. If you like it, and want to see the movie, great! Go do it. If you don't like it, and won't see the movie, awesome! Just let it be. 

Source: [Screencrush, YouTube]

Five games more go backwards compatible for Xbox One

Microsoft's Major Nelson has revealed that five more Xbox 360 games have been made available on the Xbox One via backwards compatibility.

Among the five new additions are Double Neon Dragon and Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime. Both games came out a year apart, in 2012 and 2011 (respectively). While Double Neon Dragon was met with mixed to positive reviews, Ghostbusters had a much harder time with mostly negative reviews.