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Flappy Bird has been ported to an E-Cigarette

It was the spring of 2013 and out of nowhere the phenomena known as Flappy Bird was born, spawning a whole bunch of "Flappy Bird" games, and the latest is an e-cig version.

In 2014 Flappy Bird really took off, leaving us where we are today – Flappy Bird on everything. Flappy Bird has been worked into Blizzard's Happy Reaper, Warframe easter egg, Little Big Planet, a Dark Souls spin off Slashy Souls, a Fall Out Boy parody, and many more. The latest to join this list is a version for the e-cigarette: eVic-VTC Mini.

A Youtuber who calls himself Balázs Bank has created an e-cig version of the frustrating game in Flash that seems to work smoothly. In the description there are links to download the files and a guide on how to install them. He also points out that he has no responsibility for damages that may occur when people try to install this software

"DISCLAIMER: Flash this firmware at your own risk. I will not take any responsibility for damaging your device."

So feel free to download Flappy Bird to your e-cig, but do it at your own risk. We at GameZone also take no responsibility for any damages that may occur when trying to get Flappy Bird to work on e-cig.

Balázs Bank is a real code monkey and has already made Snake and is working on e-cig firmware.

Who knows where we will see Flappy Bird next.