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FIFA 16 Review

Football is a beautiful game played across the entire planet, even known to some as Soccer, but that’s another story in itself. The sport’s most recognized video game for a number of years has been FIFA, a game offering all sorts of different ways to play the sport, and without doubt my favourite console game of all time.

EA Sports’ newest title, FIFA 16, has been met with a pretty mixed response ever since the release of the demo. Some gamers would suggest that the game offers an alternative to the usual pace-orientated gameplay, I am one of those people. Although, it could also be argued that the game feels a bit scrappy and even disjointed to play at times, a fairly accurate criticism it must be said.

This year’s game has developed many of its previous game modes, building new features into career mode and the likes, but the introduction of FIFA Ultimate Team Draft is the REAL exciting feature this year. But aside from the draft many fans will have been expecting other specific changes, but did they get their wish? Let’s find out…


Star Wars Battlefront Spring DLC plans teases 'more' offline play, new heroes

Since Star Wars Battlefront's latest bit of DLC brought us two new heroes: Greedo and Nien Nunb, three new maps, a new mode, and Hutt contracts, we haven't heard much about the EA's DLC plans for the game.

In January, the game publisher outlined what we could expect for the game (as far as free content goes) up until March, with extra details on what Season Pass holders could look forward to.

A new rundown on the 'near' future of Battlefront has outlined what support we can expect for the game this Spring. According to the publisher, there will be a bit a of free content heading to Battlefront players in the form of in-game events, Hutt contracts, "surprises" and a special Star Wars Day event on May 4th.

As per EA's description:

  • New In-Game Events – more double score weekends, community missions and Special Login Events are coming for players to earn more experience, credits and items.
  • New Hutt Contracts – Unlock powerful Star Cards like the Berserker Trait, Bacta Bomb and Ion Neutralizer.
  • More New Content – We also have a couple of surprises in store that we know our fans have been looking for, especially those who have been clamoring for ways to have more options to enjoy Star WarsBattlefront offline. More to come soon.
  • Specific for May the 4th – In celebration of Star Wars Day we have cool activities planned that we’ll announce soon.

In addition to that, EA has confirmed that there will be a total of eight heroes made available through the Season Pass, including Nien Nunb and Greedo (which leaves us six heroes to look forward to). From here on out, two new hereos will be made available per paid DLC.

In June, Battlefront players can look forward to the Bespin DLC that will bring four new maps for the "most popular" game modes, detailing that "You’ll see AT-ATs in Cloud City, take to the skies in Fighter Squadron, and even spend time in a carbonite chamber." The Bespin DLC will also include more blasters, Star Cards, a new game mode and two new heroes: Lando Calrissian and Dengar.

See 6 EA franchises reimagined as cakes

Fandom comes in many forms, some more delicious than others. Cosplay and fan art is all well and good, but what about more practical passion projects like, to pick a random example, cakes? Well, some EA fans thought of that and baked eight tantalizing cakes done up in Plants vs. Zombies, Mass Effect, FIFA, Battlefield, Dragon Age: Inquisition and the Sims.

Here are the highlights from EA’s recent Twitter trawl, which you can view in full on the studio’s blog.

Credit: @tazreentasnim

Credit: @shyviolet

Credit: @JournoKThorpe

Credit: @Mason405

Credit: AndrewBreitkruetz

Credit: @SinfulTreatsLA

Source: EA

Rumor: Battlefield 1944 to be released in 2017

Back in 2002 the Swedish developer DICE shocked the world with Battlefield 1942, now it looks like it's time again to revisit World War II in Battlefield 1944.

Rumor has it that DICE is working on the next Battlefield game and apparently it will be set in WWII once again. This isn't the first time that a rumor about the next Battlefield game either being set in or including World War gameplay has gotten out. In March the supposed DLC plans for Battlefield 5 came out showing that the game would include such settings. And a Swiss retailer has listed Battlefield 5 as a WWI shooter.

This time the rumor has it that a full new Battlefield game will take place in WWII, Battlefield 1944. A leaked picture online shows the release window, what maps will be in it, and when the beta starts. The game itself is scheduled for release in March 2017, less than a year away from now. Those who pre-order will get the "Nostalgia Map-Pack" which will include Back To El Alamein and more fan favorites, and a special skin for the M1 Carbine.

The early beta of Battlefield 1944 is set to begin as soon as this November.

But remember, this is still just a rumor. DICE has not said anything about this and they will have an official announcement on May 6 about Battlefield 5. This remains a rumor until DICE has officially announced a new WWII Battlefield.

Source: [orbitom]

Madden 16 Review

It has become popular to hate on the Madden franchise in recent years. When you corner the market on NFL video games for consoles, people expect more from you and resent you if you don’t live up to their expectations. Such is the case with Madden. Year after year, the team at EA puts out a solid product, if unspectacular product.

As the third entry on the current console generation, Madden NFL 16 doesn’t feel like a rehash of past years. There are redesigns, quality of life changes, and gameplay alterations that feel like they’ve been in the works for quite some time. Desperately needed changes to the passing game, new controls, all-new animations, a more intuitive UI, and a new scouting system make Madden 16 feel like more than a fresh paint of coat.

But are the changes enough to convince weary fans to get the latest version in the franchise? Let’s go over the pros and cons so you can decide for yourself.

The Positives / The Negatives

The Verdict





Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 Review

The original Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare was a surprise when it first launched back in 2014 on Xbox paltforms, and eventually making its way to PC and PS4. It managed to capture my attention with its cute visual aesthetics, that masked a rather fun multiplayer experience with a bunch of varied classes, taken straight from the hit mobile game. At that point, plant on zombie warfare wasn't anything new, but we've never seen the battle from this perspective, and it ended up being both really fun, and immensely satisfying, no matter what front you chose to defend.

In the sequel, Popcap and EA have significantly upped the ante in almost every single way. The class count was nearly doubled from the original game, a new Backyard Battleground open-world map to explore with missions to complete was added, and tons of stickers to collect that unlock everything from new class variants to accessories and consumables. But that's just scratching the surface.

Let's dive in and see what the sequel to one of EA's weirdest shooters excels in, where it falls flat, and our final verdict.




Titanfall 2's teaser trailer finally arrives and it comes wielding giant swords


The follow-up to the robot smashing, hectic multiplayer shooting, Xbox One exclusive — Titanfall, has finally received its first official teaser trailer.

The teaser trailer, which you can watch above, is a short 49 seconds, but it does show off what seems to be a giant mech wielding a sword and some dialogue which sounds to be focusing on the story portion of the game.The trailer also shows viewers to expect the full reveal later this year on June 12.

For as well-received as Titanfall was, one of the game's major criticisms was a lack of a traditional single-player campaign. Instead, the sci-fi shooter interweaved its "story" into the multiplayer gameplay, with voiceovers and character portray overlayed on top of the action going on. This time around, EA and developer Respawn will aim to deliver a proper story mode, one that offers fans the answers to questions they had regarding the universe.

Are you excited for Titanfall 2? Let us know in the comments below!

Updated: Battlefield 5 to be revealed next week

Update: The Battlefield website has been updated with event details. On May 6th at 4PM ET, DICE will reveal the first look at Battlefield 5.


There have been plenty of rumors about Call of Duty's upcoming game and not enough rumors about Battlefield 5. Earlier this year we saw rumors suggesting that the DICE developed and EA published game would be heading to the World War I battlefield, however, other rumors suggested otherwise.

It appears as though emails have gone out, inviting livestreamers and journalists to the world premiere of Battlefield 5 in Berlin.

Visceral denies new Star Wars game being an open-world RPG

Electronic Arts has been doing their best to temper excitement over Visceral's upcoming new Star Wars game by say it's still "few years away." Their best attempts have yet to turn away the ever watchful gaze from the community.

After Naughty Dog's former creative director and writer, Amy Hennig, joined Visceral Games to lead the creative efforts for the new Star Wars game, eyes and ears have been glued to the project.

Rumors have suggested that EA is working on an open-world RPG set in the Star Wars, whether or not the rumored open-world game was Visceral's project was unclear at the time of the rumor. New information has suggested that Visceral's game is not the open-world RPG Star Wars we have been looking for.

According to the game's co-writer, Todd Stashwick during a podcast from Geekleagueofamerica (via WCCF), we shouldn't believe everything we see.

“If you believe the internet, the internet thinks that we’re doing an open-world, RPG, Han-Solo game, and none of that is anything that we talked about,” said Stashwick. “We have not released any details about our game.”

By his logic, we might not want to even believe him. They haven't released any details – the game could still be anything our imagination wants it to be.