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Take a look at everything coming in Destiny: The Taken King April Update

When Bungie takes Destiny's servers down tomorrow the game will be coming back with a ton of new challenges, rewards, and content – some of which will be exclusive to PlayStation users. Over the past few weeks Bungie gave us a detailed look at the new Sandbox and Crucible changes coming our way, as well as a look at the new items we will be earning through livestreams.

It's finally time for us to take the content they have been teasing and test it out. While we patiently await tomorrow's update Bungie has given us a look at all of the content that is headed out way,

Before the content releases, Xbox owners should take note that the April Update will contain PlayStation Exclusive gear. One of the PlayStation unique items will be an exotic sniper rifle, the Zen Meteor. This sniper rifle will have explosive rounds, a fancy scope and  unique skill. You can find more details on it here, as well as details on an exclusive quest.

Destiny: Xur, Agent of the Nine, Tower location and Exotic gear

Xur is back in Destiny and he may or may not have exactly what you need. If you have been looking for some sweet Titan chest armor, he has some. If you're a Warlock or Hunter in need of head gear, he's got that too. Xur even went out of his way and pickedup a Hawkmoon hand cannon.

You'll find him by the Crucible Quartermaster.


Name Type Stats Cost
Twilight Garrison Titan Chest Armor 48 Discipline // 42 Strength 13 SC
ATS/8 ARACHNID Hunter Helmet 55 Intellect 13 SC
The Ram Warlock Helmet 33 Intellect // 36 Strength 13 SC
Hawkmoon Hand Cannon   23 SC
Legacy Engram Heavy Weapon Engram   31 SC


Name Type Quantity Cost
Plasma Drive Vehicle Upgrade 1 23 SC
"Emerald Coil" Vehicle Upgrade 1 23 SC
Heavy Ammo Synthesis Consumable 3 1 SC
Three of Coins Consumable 5 7 SC
Glass Needles Material 1 3 SC

Destiny: Xur, Agent of the Nine, Tower location and Exotic gear (4/8/16)

It's the end of the week and that means Destiny players get a chance at scoring some goods from Xur, the occasionally present purveyor of goods. 

This weekend, Guardians can look forward to screaming 'Don't Touch Me' whenever somebody comes near them, thanks to Cur bringing a pair of Hunter Gauntlets. In addition to those Gauntlets, Xur also brought a pair of Warlock Gauntlets and a Gauntlet Engram – as well as some chest armor and a body armor engram.

You can find Xur by the Speaker in the North end of the Tower – near the railing.

Exotic Gear:

Name Type Stats Cost
Crest of Alpha Lupi Titan Chest Armor 84 Intellect 13 SC
Don't Touch Me Hunter Gauntlets 27 Discipline // 32 Strength 13 SC
The Impossible Machines Warlock Gauntlets 53 Strength 13 SC
Exotic Engram Body Armor Engram   19 SC
Legacy Engram Gauntlet Engram   29 SC


Name Type Quantity Cost
Plasma Drive Vehicle Upgrade 1 23 SC
"Emerald Coil" Vehicle Upgrade 1 23 SC
Heavy Ammo Synthesis Consumable 3 1 SC
Three of Coins Consumable 5 7 SC
Glass Needles Material 1 3 SC

Watch Bungie reveal new Sandbox and Crucible Changes coming to Destiny with the April update

Bungie's first livestream for Destiny's coming April Update gave us a good look at what Guardians will be able to do once in the game once the update releases, like the new Prison of Elders, Strike, increased Light cap and more.

The second one gave us a look at all of the gear Guardians can look forward to earning, and now the time has come for the final livestream.

Today's livestream will have Design Lead Lars Bakken give us  look at the new state of the Crucible. Designer Grant Mackay will detail plans for Warlocks, with information on changes both large and small and Senior Designer Jon Weisnewski will share information on how the arsenal is about to evolve again.

Destiny: Xur, Agent of the Nine, Tower location and Exotic gear (4/15/16)

Xur is back in Destiny, the first time since the April Update brought tons of new content to the game in the form of new customizations, armor, a higher Light level, a new Strike, Prison of Elders and plenty more. With the update in tow, you'd expect Xur to bringing some pretty items – right?

Well, if you're happy with item at 280 Light, that's what he's brought with him (for the most part). This week Xur has brought a Helmet, Gauntlets, Chest armor, various consumables and Bad Juju – arguable one of the best Pulse Rifles in the game.

Xur can be found in the Reef, down the steps and through the door that once locked him in – but is not permanently open.


Name Type Stats Cost
Helm of Saint-14 Titan Helmet 30 Intellect // 33 Strength 13 SC
Young Ahamkara's Spine Hunter Gauntlets 32 Intellect // 32 Discipline 13 SC
Starfire Protocol Warlock Chest Armor 42 Discipline // 45 Strength 13 SC
Bad Juju Pulse Rifle   23 SC
Legacy Engram Special Weapon Engram   31 SC


Name Type Quantity Cost
Plasma Drive Vehicle Upgrade 1 23 SC
Void Drive Vehicle Upgrade 1 23 SC
Heavy Ammo Synthesis Consumable 3 1 SC
Three of Coins Consumable 5 7 SC
Glass Needles Material 1 3 SC

Destiny: The Taken King April Update rolling out; Patch notes here

Update: Known issues with the patch that are currently being investigated

  • Missing Clan tags
  • Missing Sterling Treasure boxes


The highly anticipated April Update for Destiny is finally rolling out across consoles. The update is bringing plenty of new content to game and we finally have the details on exactly what is coming, thanks to patch notes. 

The patch notes offer a detailed look at which armor sets and weapons will support the new Chroma customization (highlights gear in White, Yellow, Blue or Red). In addition to Chroma details, the patch notes have offered a closer look at how Sterling Treasures will function.

Players are guaranteed up to three Sterling Treasures each week after the weekly reset when they do the following: Log a character into the game, complete the Level 41 Prison of Elders and complete a match in the weekly featured Crucible playlist. The Sterling Treasure will contain either Taken Gear (vanity items), Chroma and/or reputation buffs.

Additional Vault Space is coming with the update, bringing the capacity counts up to 108 weapon, 108 armor, and 72 miscellaneous slots, as well as 12 new emotes to the eververse.

On top of all of this, there's new items to earn, new Sandbox and Crucible changes, an updated Prison of Elders, a new Strike and more. Check out the details in the patch notes on the following page!

If you want to know how this update compares to The Division big April update, head here.




Rumor: Next Destiny expansion release date revealed by Grimoire card

The release date for the next big Destiny expansion may have gotten out before Bungie intended it to. This is still just a rumor, but quite a complex one.

When the big April update rolled out, one player found a dead Ghost in a new Prison of Elders arena after only 16 minutes of the update being available. This is not a Ghost players just stumble upon, which suggests that the player who found it had insider knowledge.

A Reddit user with the username of Rezyl Azzir posted a guide on how to find this Ghost, but after a while the Reddit account and post was removed. Oddly enough, the Ghost had a Grimoire card for a new character by the name of Rezyl Azzir, which talks about the days before the last city on Earth was established.

Before user Rezyl Azzir disapered he left a message in Latin which other redditors translated.

"Vegisima die mensis noni. ILLUD est venturus. Per Audacia ad astra."

This line roughly translates into "The twentieth day of the ninth month. IT is coming. Forward, to the stars."

That would suggest that the next expansion for Destiny comes September 20, around the same time Taken King was released a year ago.

This is still just a rumor, it might be a complex and interesting rumor but still just a rumor. But there are more facts that points towards a big Destiny expansion coming 2016 so we might just have gotten the date for its release.

Source: VG247

Destiny’s latest PlayStation-exclusive content explained

Along with a raft of activity and Crucible changes, Destiny’s long-awaited April update will introduce a new wave of PlayStation-exclusive gear, the arguable highlight of which is the Zen Meteor, a new exotic sniper rifle.

As noted in a recent PlayStation Blog post, the Zen Meteor’s exotic ability is based on its explosive rounds. Its unique skill, “Dynamite with a Laser Beam,” generates a powerful bonus round whenever the user scores rapid kills with every round in the clip. It also has a fancy scope.

In addition to the Zen Meteor, PlayStation Guardians will be treated to the Velumbra sparrow, unlocked through the mission “Fight Fire with Fire.” The quest “Essence of Darkness,” seemingly based on the Dreadnaught’s Court of Oryx activity, will also be exclusive to PS4.

Finally, and least surprisingly, each class will be given a unique armor set on PS4. Like the exclusive gear introduced in The Taken King, the new armor sets, Barkhan Dune I, Long Tomorrow 9G and Jovian Guard, will only be obtainable via Sublime Engrams.

Source: PlayStation Blog

Destiny's next Iron Banner event hitting next week

Bungie has just revealed details on a brand new Iron Banner event, the first since the game's April update. The event will start on Tuesday, April 28 at 10 AM PST and will run for a full week until Tuesday May 2nd at 2 AM PST with Clash as the mode of choice.

Designer Jeremiah Pieschl detailed some of the changes coming to the event, specifically in regards to loot drops. Players can expect to see more Iron Banner gear drops next week as opposed to Legendary Engrams. The gear will also drop after every match you play which means you don't have to wait until Rank 2.

PlayStation users will also receive three class specific pieces of armor that will work for both PS4 and PS3 owners.

Here's the full list of Iron Banner changes from the April update:

  • Lord Saladin's inventory has been updated with items at Ranks 3-5, some with re-rolled perks
  • Incrased Rank 3 package Artifact to 320 Light
  • Increased Rank 5 package Ghost to 320 Light
  • Rank 5 packages can now reward items from the current event
  • Iron Banner Armor and Weapons can now be earned at Rank 0 at the end-of-activity
  • Removed Legendary Engrams from the possible end-of-activity rewards list, creating a greater chance to receive Iron Banner specific items
  • "Iron Domination" daily bounty now requires completing a match with a personal score of 1500 instead of winning a match with 2500
  • "Iron Versatility" bounty now only requires 7 Heavy Weapon kills to complete
  • Fixed an issue where players below Rank 5 could roll a reward they were ineligible for, resulting in no reward being given
  • Fixed an issue where the Iron Banner ship was missing a part of its frame

Take a look at the next page to see the prospective rewards you might end up with.

Source: [Bungie.net]




Destiny: Xur, Agent of the Nine, Tower location and Exotic gear (4/22/16)

Xur, the purveyor of goods – Agent of the Nine, is back in Destiny for the weekend and he's brought some goodies with him. If you have been looking for Lucky Raspberry or Purifier Robes, you're in the luck! Xur brought some fancy armor for you to light up with the new Chroma customization.

He isn't all about clothes though, he brought one weapon with him this week: the Monte Carlo. 

This week you can find Xur near the Speaker by the big door.

In case you forgot, the Year One Legacy Engram will not give you Exotics.


Name Type Stats Cost
Helm of Inmost Light Titan Helmet 63 Intellect 13 SC
Lucky Raspberry Hunter Chest Armor 47 Intellect // 45 Discipline 13 SC
Purifier Robes Warlock Chest Armor 81 Intellect 13 SC
Monte Carlo Auto Rifle   23 SC
Legacy Engram Body Armor Engram   29 SC


Name Type Quantity Cost
Plasma Drive Vehicle Upgrade 1 23 SC
Stealth Drive Vehicle Upgrade 1 23 SC
Heavy Ammo Synthesis Consumable 3 1 SC
Three of Coins Consumable 5 7 SC
Glass Needles Material 1 3 SC