Humble bundles $179 worth of Wii U and 3DS games for $13

Humble bundles $179 worth of Wii U and 3DS games for $13

The folks over at Humble have brought a Nintendo Bundle that brings together a number of Nintendo\'s third-party publishers together and makes their games available at a discount. The \'Friends of Nintendo\' bundle is worth $179, but thanks to Humble we can get all of the games, as well as unannounced titles for $13. More »

Rumor: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare remaster to include single player campaign and 10 multiplayer maps

Rumor: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare remaster to include single player campaign and 10 multiplayer maps

The people wanted it, so the people got it. Call of Duty 4 will be remastered, but Activision didn\'t say what the remastered version would include, some new rumors about what the game will include have begun surfacing. The remastered version of Call of duty 4: Modern Warfare was \"confirmed\" yesterday by Activision, but they did not say anything on what the game would include. More »

Rambo The Video Game gets free DLC tomorrow on PS3 and Steam

Rambo The Video Game gets free DLC tomorrow on PS3 and Steam

Yes, you read that correctly. Rambo The Video Game is getting free DLC beginning tomorrow. After originally releasing back in early 2014 on both Xbox 360 and PS3, Rambo The Video Game is getting its first DLC pack in over two years. More »

Star Wars Battlefront, Forza highlight this week;Deals with Gold for Xbox

Star Wars Battlefront, Forza highlight this week;Deals with Gold for Xbox

It\'s hard to follow-up the last week of February\'s Deal\'s with Gold, but Microsoft has been doing their best at it. While this week doesn\'t include anything on par with BioShock or Borderlands: The Handsome Jack Collection, it does discount Star Wars Battlefront on the Xbox One. More »

The Division’s Incursion trailer shows new activities and gear

The Division’s Incursion trailer shows new activities and gear

Tomorrow, Tuesday, April 12, The Division’s first major update will roll out, bringing with it a smattering of new equipment, crafting changes and missions, along with Falcon Lost, the game’s first four-man incursion. To celebrate the release of update 1.1, Ubisoft today released a new trailer showcasing the strategic demands of incursions and some of the equipment coming in the update. More »


Marvel Studios has complete creative control over Spider-Man: Homecoming

In an interview with the folks at, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige confirmed that complete creative control over the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming movie rests entirely with Marvel, not Sony. Feige confirmed the news at the premiere of Captain America: Civil War over in the UK.

He said:

"Well, I’ve known all those people for a very long time. Amy Pascal, Tom Rothman, who runs Sony now, I’ve known for years. So, it’s been great. They really are supportive in allowing us to make the creative decisions to make [Spider-Man: Homecoming], but they’ve been great partners. So far so good on that movie."

Marvel appears to making all of the right moves for Spider-Man: Homecoming between casting all all new face for the wall crawler to the inclusion of an established favorite in Iron Man. Only time will tell if the decision making pays off, but I think Marvel fans can allow themselves to get just a little bit excited.

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Skullgirls 2nd Encore coming to PS Vita next week

Developer Lab Zero Games today announced that Skullgirls 2nd Encore, essentially the game’s complete edition, will release on PS Vita Tuesday, April 5.

Skullgirls 2nd Encore first released in July 2015, and the Vita version was originally slated to launch in summer 2015. However, the release was delayed due to difficulties in “balancing performance and image quality on the handheld,” Lab Zero CEO Peter Bartholow said in a PlayStation Blog post.

The sheer quantity of hand-drawn animation used in the game’s character frames was a primary factor. Incorporating each character’s 1,500-odd frames proved to be a monumental task for the Vita.

Skullgirls 2nd Encore includes DLC characters Squigly, Big Band, Elize, Beowulf and Robo Fortune; additional game types like trials and challenge mode; a fully voiced story campaign; and a new trophy set. Additionally, the Vita version supports cross-play with the PS3 and PS4 versions, as well as local multiplayer. Have a look at the control layout:

Alongside Skullgirls’ Vita debut, Lab Zero will soon release the Skullgirls PS4 theme for sale. The team is also now working on the game’s final line of patches, which will add in eight-player multiplayer lobbies complete with simultaneous queueing.

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Legend of Kay Anniversary Review

If you thought to yourself "What is the Legend of Kay?" when you first heard of the anniversary edition, you weren't alone. Many people I know had to research exactly when the original game was released. A PS2 title in September of 2005 by Neon Studios and Capcom, ten years later we have the anniversary edition from Nordic Games. The anniversary edition is the answer to why we didn't remember the original game in the first place. 

In the Legend of Kay, we play a cat named Kay in a fictional China-inspired land of Tenchling. The native inhabitants of rabbits, frogs and pandas have all left their homeland, leaving only the cats to defend it. No match for the overpowered gorillas and outnumbered by the rats, Kay must embark on a journey to defend his homeland at all cost. On paper, this sounds great. As far as the execution goes – not so much. Although Kay is dubbed as a bit of a platformer, there really isn't much platforming to the game at all. In reality, it's a 3rd person action combat game with more flaws than fundamentals.

Unfortunately you can not skip cut scenes in the The Legend of Kay Anniversary, which means we are forced to witness some of the worst voice acting in the history of gaming. Since the game released in 2005 and this anniversary simply provides updated graphics, we are graced with the original dialogue reminiscent of something out of a Looney Tunes or Animaniacs cartoon. Pussy boy and garbage breath are just two examples of the script that bring out visuals of a 13 year old from the 90's. 

Both navigation and combat are more difficult than they need to be due to flaws in its design that don't need to bethere. First off is the camera angle which only allows you to pan left or right. Up and down is not an option so forget about seeing what's above or below you. When you do try and move the camera's angle, the delay is sluggish and often goes in the opposite direction the thumb stick indicates it should. 

Although the combat offers a variety of items such as magic potions, hornets, bombs, demon potions and more, theyare used more for an aesthetic effect than for real impact in the combat itself. Overcoming the sluggish camera angle is more of a challenge than the enemies themselves. Typically, I found the easiest way to defeat an enemy was your standard X, X, X triple strike to knock them down and follow up with a ground strike. Then, simply back up and repeat the process again once they get back to their feet. Much of the combat is also dealing with enemies in packs. This means not only getting blindsided because you can not adjust the camera fast enough to find your enemy, but also makes the repetitive process more of a pain than a fun challenge. 

Races also exist in the Legend of Kay Anniversary. In races, we "drive" the only animal in the game that actually acts like an animal; a boar. In order to proceed, you need to finish within a certain time with no mistakes or you will be forced to start all over. These races, although offering little to the point of game impact, were fun and offer a bit of an escape from the real gameplay itself. 

Normally in games like The Legend of Kay, the audio is what pulls you in with high intensity combat tunes mixed in with free roaming soundtracks during exploration. Kay missed the memo, however, as the audio was messed up more often than not. A few times I actually had to pause the game and adjust the levels of the sound and voices as I was unable to hear the dialogue over the music. I also found it ironic that the game takes place in a mythical city in China as the lines are delivered like an old Saturday afternoon Kung-Fu movie. As Kay or anyone for that matter is speaking, the lines do not line up to the characters' mouth movements and makes for an overall sloppy performance. Outside of cut scenes, however, the audio is actually delivered quite well. The best part of the game, coincidentally, is when you aren't actually doing anything. Just walking around and exploring little of what there is was rewarding, simply for the fact that you appreciate what went into its development as a 6th generation title back in 2005 with the PS2. Unfortunately, ten years and two generations of gaming consoles later, that's where it ends.

For the most part, The Legend of Kay Anniversary delivers a fresh coat of paint on a game that reminds you all the way through why you asked yourself "What is Legend of Kay again?" Overall it's not a terrible game, just an average title that's a little fun but would have been better off left undisturbed. 

Bottom Line

An average title for a 6th generation gaming console, but overall nothing special. If you were a fan of the original it'll be worth a try. If not, your best bet is to remember the good old days of the original

Camp Pokémon comes to Android devices

On the heels of the Android versions of Pokémon Trading Card Game Online and Pokémon Co-Master, the Pokémon Company today announced the Android release of Camp Pokémon, which originally released for iOS devices in October 2014.

Camp Pokémon is something of a sim game in which players take part in a summer camp designed for Pokémon. By completing Pokémon-themed activities like a “battle matchups quiz” and a “Poké Ball Throw” contest, players unlock pins and stickers which can be used to decorate photos taken with their phone’s camera.

“The Pokémon world is full of mysterious creatures that you can learn all about through Camp Pokémon’s fun activities,” the app's page reads. “Explore an immersive island filled with activities that will help you learn what it takes to become a Pokémon Trainer!”

Camp Pokémon is available for download via Google Play and for Kindle Fire devices via the Amazon Appstore. The 170MB app requires Android 2.3 or newer.

Source: The Pokémon Company

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True Detective S2:E6 "Church in Ruins" review & recap


This season of True Detective has built up to a seemingly anticlimactic vision of the sleazy California underground. Last week we were left with Ray almost knocking down Frank's door in a fury and an awkward sit down that has the two aiming their guns at each other. Luckily both Frank and Ray don't waste one another over their "misunderstanding". If you recall, Ray learns that the man he killed who he believed was his wife's rapist, was not. Frank tells Velcoro that he got the guy's name from a reliable source and he didn't know the information was bad. I'm not completely sold on this, especially because Frank is falling further down the gangster hole every single episode. Ray goes to visit his wife's real assailant and threatens to do nefarious things with a cheese grater and the guy's various body parts.


Ani and Paul spend most of the episode hopping around doing their job while interviewing people about politician orgies and blue diamonds. Paul gets a lead on the diamonds from someone who saw them reported as stolen during the riots in 1992. We discover that they were taken from a family home where the parents were killed and the two children were into foster care. Did anyone else think that the picture of the kids bore a slight resemblance to Mayor Chessani's kids? The age difference and time passed would make total sense. 


Frank's character didn't really do much this episode. He had a heart-to-heart with now-deceased Stan's kid and saw a girl with information that he needed get her throat slashed by Mexican drug lords. Just an average day in the neighborhood. 


There's been an insane amount of focus on Ani's knife handling skill. It's been mentioned heavily in multiple episodes, and we get a glimpse of target practice for her this episode. In a scene at her house, Ani and her sister go over details of the Chessani boy's sex party. It's decided that Ani will go to the party using her sister's name and pose as a rich man's sex slave. 


Ray has his first and last supervised visit with his son. After about five minutes of awkward interaction, the kid returns home. Anytime something doesn't go your way the obviously sane thing to do is inhale a mountain of cocaine and drink a handle of scotch, right? Then perhaps call your ex-wife in the middle of the night and proclaim on your high mountain that you'll not contest custody and go away. All of this seems perfectly acceptable.The climax of this episode was the widespread scene of Ani dressed up and going to the orgy.


All the phones and bags are taken from a bus full of girls, who are shipped off to a mansion filled with California's rich and powerful men. No need to worry, obviously everything is going to be fine because Paul and Ray would be there to take down the fifteen-plus security guys outside. Once there, Ani and the rest of the girls are forced to take Molly to "keep them in a good mood." Once Ani starts feeling the drugs, she starts having wild hallucinations of the man that sexually assaulted her as a child and runs through a mass of naked bodies to the bathroom to vomit. There she finds Vera, her missing person, and flees from the house with her. But not before slicing up a security guard who bleeds out all over the floor. Paul ends up stealing a contract that magically gives us all the names of everyone involved in the power underground. This scene was masterfully done. It had more allure and taste than the full-blown shoot out of episode four, as well as more investment for viewers to devour and ponder on. 


There's a slew of revelations this episode, and though it doesn't have the deep plunge that season one gave us, every episode we're getting closer and closer to unravelling this massive money scheme. There are only two episodes left, and I pray it's going to leave ustongue-tied and awestruck waiting for season three.


Trials Fusion Awesome Level Max Review

If there's one thing I know for absolutely certain, is that you can't get much better than a gun-wielding cat riding on a fire-breathing magical unicorn. Ubisoft obviously knew this and used it to their advantage in the latest Trials Fusion DLC ever so cleverly titled, Awesome Level Max.

While Awesome Level Max presents itself as DLC focused on said mythical creature carrying a furry feline, it actually makes up a rather small portion of the overall experience. That's definitely a shame, however what is there that makes up the magical adventure is one of the most clever level designs I've ever seen.

The first stage will have you riding a bike before you turn into the unicorn and that's where things start to get bizarre, in a very good way. The first unicorn stage for example will have you shifting through various dimensions as you go through it, which is not only visually impressive, but very fun to play. The only downside to that level is that each time you shift through another dimension, the game has a hard time loading up the game's assets immediately, which leads to some odd graphical hiccups upon each switch.

The other stages include recruiting three cat adventurers across one of the longer stages of the DLC, a trek across a post-apocalyptic broken world, a gallop atop a planet with low gravity and even a boss fight against a penguin in a giant mech. If it sounds completely ludicrous, it's cause it is, but in all the right ways.

However, the first two levels with the unicorn fooled me a bit. They were both a bit longer which made me think that the rest of the stages would have received that same care and attention, but that wasn't really the case. I'm not saying they were bad levels by any means, but I expected a slightly meatier experience. One of the cooler stages which is very post-apocalyptic was only about 45 seconds long. Compared to the meaty 3 minute experience of the second unicorn stage, that was slightly disappointing.

Despite being a unicorn, it's still controls very similarly to the bike. I'd say the only thing different is that it's slightly more manageable to control it when it's on its hind legs, as opposed to doing a wheelie with the bike.

The rest of the experience, which actually makes up a bulk of the new tracks is a combination of Redlynx tracks and some of the best community created tracks in a pack called Redlynx vs. All-Stars. Sadly, these don't support your magical quadroped, which seems like a strange decision, considering the entirety of the advertising is based solely around the cat and unicorn.

However, despite that, the tracks are still absolutely fantastic. A lot of them are still devilishly hard, though I have to say that they're a bit more manageable than some of the tracks in the previous DLC packs. Despite there being less cat and unicorn than I would have liked, the tracks included are still incredibly fun and really showcase some of the community's best efforts. If you were itching for more off-the-wall Trials Fusion action, definitely give Awesome Level Max a try.

The Night Before Review

As far as comedy films are concerned, The Night Before comes with more expectations than most. It feels like a return to normalcy for the Seth Rogen comedy bandwagon — think less This is the End/The Interview, and more Knocked Up/The 40-Year Old Virgin. Perhaps more importantly, it offers a much needed break from the usual Rogen/James Franco combo, with Joseph-Gordon Levitt and Anthony Mackie filling the void. Lastly, it’s a Christmas movie, which always demands the question of whether it will be a holiday classic to come back to again and again.

The Night Before is not a holiday classic, nor does it completely avoid the Rogen/Franco dynamic for those that have grown tired of it. In fact, The Night Before isn’t even as grounded as you’d expect, feeling more like a halfway point between the two aforementioned styles. And yet, despite dashing all expectations, it’s also consistently funny and enjoyable. I may not remember I watched it in a month, but it fulfilled my main comedy requirement — providing a steady stream of chuckles and a few teary-eyed belly laughs before the end.

The film tells the story of Ethan (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), who lost his parents in his teens and found solace around a Christmas tradition of debauchery with his friends Isaac (Seth Rogen) and Chris (Anthony Mackie). Over a decade later, Isaac is about the become a father and Chris is dealing with overwhelming fame, while Ethan is stuck in a pattern of arrested development. Regardless, the trio decide to embark on one last night before moving on with their lives.

The result is a mix of the typical “one-crazy night” plot combined with the “realizing you’re an adult now” themes we’ve come to expect from these sorts of comedies. Top it off with second shots at romance, pregnancy fear, and plenty of bro-love and you have a Rogen comedy that almost comes off like a supercut of all his previous films. The crowded plot keeps things moving and offers up enough material that the jokes never drag, but it also results in a film that feels a bit underdeveloped.

Beyond the actors clearly having a good time, the relationship between the three friends doesn’t come off as particularly genuine. Nor does the romance angle, which casts Lizzie Caplan as Ethan’s love interest and little else. She does a bang-up job, but it was clear her acting chops were being wasted on a plotline that was more to mark off checkboxes than to say anything worthwhile.

Ultimately that was my main issue with The Night Before. This comedy crew has gotten so good at this fun-bro-adventure-with-a-dash-of-emotion story that it has become completely formulaic. I’ve seen this all before and I’ve seen it done better in Rogen’s own films. When they reach the point where the characters are meant to grow up and learn, it feels more like preaching to the audience than a true moment for the characters.

Either way The Night Before is fun and funny. Go in with the right expectations and you probably won’t mind that it’s not as well-made as films like 50/50 or Knocked Up. Yes, Rogen and crew have a formula, but it’s an effective one and they still got a ton of laughs out of me.