Humble bundles $179 worth of Wii U and 3DS games for $13

Humble bundles $179 worth of Wii U and 3DS games for $13

The folks over at Humble have brought a Nintendo Bundle that brings together a number of Nintendo\'s third-party publishers together and makes their games available at a discount. The \'Friends of Nintendo\' bundle is worth $179, but thanks to Humble we can get all of the games, as well as unannounced titles for $13. More »

Rumor: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare remaster to include single player campaign and 10 multiplayer maps

Rumor: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare remaster to include single player campaign and 10 multiplayer maps

The people wanted it, so the people got it. Call of Duty 4 will be remastered, but Activision didn\'t say what the remastered version would include, some new rumors about what the game will include have begun surfacing. The remastered version of Call of duty 4: Modern Warfare was \"confirmed\" yesterday by Activision, but they did not say anything on what the game would include. More »

Rambo The Video Game gets free DLC tomorrow on PS3 and Steam

Rambo The Video Game gets free DLC tomorrow on PS3 and Steam

Yes, you read that correctly. Rambo The Video Game is getting free DLC beginning tomorrow. After originally releasing back in early 2014 on both Xbox 360 and PS3, Rambo The Video Game is getting its first DLC pack in over two years. More »

Star Wars Battlefront, Forza highlight this week;Deals with Gold for Xbox

Star Wars Battlefront, Forza highlight this week;Deals with Gold for Xbox

It\'s hard to follow-up the last week of February\'s Deal\'s with Gold, but Microsoft has been doing their best at it. While this week doesn\'t include anything on par with BioShock or Borderlands: The Handsome Jack Collection, it does discount Star Wars Battlefront on the Xbox One. More »

The Division’s Incursion trailer shows new activities and gear

The Division’s Incursion trailer shows new activities and gear

Tomorrow, Tuesday, April 12, The Division’s first major update will roll out, bringing with it a smattering of new equipment, crafting changes and missions, along with Falcon Lost, the game’s first four-man incursion. To celebrate the release of update 1.1, Ubisoft today released a new trailer showcasing the strategic demands of incursions and some of the equipment coming in the update. More »


Rumor: Second generation Xbox One has been in production since February

Earlier this month an FCC filing revealed that Microsoft had plans for a new model of the Xbox One. Details on the new version of the Xbox One have been scarce, though the filing did specify that the console would feature a new wi-fi chip.

According to an image post on Weibo from user Microsoft信仰中心 (via NeoGaf)  the new Xbox One has been in production since February 2016. In addition to the console having been in production, the user detailed that there would be a white version of the new console whose production name appears to translate to Xbox One second generation.

Looking at the image (above) it appears as though the second generation was planned since 2014, a year after the Xbox One released. The weight, 600 ~ 800g (roughly 1lb+/-) , seems a bit odd considering the that the Xbox One is currently 7lb. If the second generation is truly that light, it could be the rumored "lightweight" digital only Xbox One.

Apparently, once entering production the second generation Xbox One was planned to have plan of manufacturing 400,000 consoles per week.

Microsoft has not verified this rumor. The FCC filing suggests that the console will be revealed this Summer.

Star Wars Battlefront, Forza highlight this week;Deals with Gold for Xbox

It's hard to follow-up the last week of February's Deal's with Gold, but Microsoft has been doing their best at it. While this week doesn't include anything on par with BioShock or Borderlands: The Handsome Jack Collection, it does discount Star Wars Battlefront on the Xbox One.

In addition to that, there's plenty of Forza DLC up for grabs at a discount, as well as Rory McIlroy PGA Tour.

Xbox One Deals

Baseball Riot Xbox One Game 50% DWG
Complete Forza Horizon 2 Add-Ons Collection Add-On 60% DWG
EA SPORTS Rory McIlroy PGA TOUR Xbox One Game 60% DWG
Electronic Super Joy Xbox One Game 33% DWG
Forza Horizon 2 Car Pass  Add-On 60% DWG
Forza Motorsport 6 Fast & Furious Car Pack Add-On 50% DWG
Pneuma: Breath of Life Xbox One Game 67% DWG
Star Wars Battlefront Ultimate Edition Xbox One Game 25% DWG
The Jackbox Party Pack 2 Xbox One Game 50% DWG
The Peanuts Movie: Snoopy’s Grand Adventure Xbox One Game 50% DWG

Xbox 360 Deals

Forza Horizon 2 Presents Fast & Furious Games On Demand 70% DWG
Jack Box Party Pack Games On Demand 50% DWG
The Peanuts Movie: Snoopy’s Grand Adventure Games On Demand 50% DWG

Flappy Bird has been ported to an E-Cigarette

It was the spring of 2013 and out of nowhere the phenomena known as Flappy Bird was born, spawning a whole bunch of "Flappy Bird" games, and the latest is an e-cig version.

In 2014 Flappy Bird really took off, leaving us where we are today – Flappy Bird on everything. Flappy Bird has been worked into Blizzard's Happy Reaper, Warframe easter egg, Little Big Planet, a Dark Souls spin off Slashy Souls, a Fall Out Boy parody, and many more. The latest to join this list is a version for the e-cigarette: eVic-VTC Mini.

A Youtuber who calls himself Balázs Bank has created an e-cig version of the frustrating game in Flash that seems to work smoothly. In the description there are links to download the files and a guide on how to install them. He also points out that he has no responsibility for damages that may occur when people try to install this software

"DISCLAIMER: Flash this firmware at your own risk. I will not take any responsibility for damaging your device."

So feel free to download Flappy Bird to your e-cig, but do it at your own risk. We at GameZone also take no responsibility for any damages that may occur when trying to get Flappy Bird to work on e-cig.

Balázs Bank is a real code monkey and has already made Snake and is working on e-cig firmware.

Who knows where we will see Flappy Bird next.

EA unhappy with Mass Effect appearance in Donald Trump advert

United States presidential candidate Donald Trump’s latest campaign ad includes “unauthorized use” of the Mass Effect IP, according to publisher EA.

The advert in question, aptly titled the Trump Effect, was retweeted by Trump earlier today, shortly before it was pulled from YouTube due to a copyright claim by EA. The two-and-a-half-minute fan-made video features Mass Effect music and Mass Effect 2 voice work by Martin Sheen. At the time of writing, it is still viewable via the candidate’s Twitter.

Suffice it to say, EA was not pleased with the parody ad. “We do not support our assets being used in political campaigns,” the publisher told GameInformer.

Some Mass Effect creators are none too pleased, either. Bioware game designer Manveer Heir tweeted some thoughts of his own:

Pokémon’s original legendary birds return with new abilities in May giveaway

Pokémon players will be treated to never-before-seen versions of Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres as part of May’s Pokémon giveaway.

Pokémon’s legendary birds are as old as the IP itself, so their new abilities are the main allure of the May giveaway. For the first time, Articuno will have Snow Cloak, Zapdos will have Static, and Moltres will Flame Body.

As was the case with Jirachi, April’s Pokémon giveaway, legendary redemption codes will be sent via the Pokémon Trainer Club newsletter, so you’ll need to be a club member if you want to pick up some free legendaries. The download codes will work with Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire and Pokémon X & Y on Nintendo 3DS, New 3DS and 2DS.

To celebrate the return of Pokémon’s iconic birds, the Pokémon Company is currently streaming Pokémon The Movie: 2000, in which Lugia and the gang are pivotal characters, for free on Poké

Source: The Pokémon Company

Via: Polygon

Just Cause 3 Review

Well this was quite an eye-opening surprise. Ever since Just Cause 3's announcement, I was absolutely pumped to get my hands on it. Just Cause 2 was one of those stupidly fun games that allowed players to let loose on a tropical paradise, causing chaos, as well as have fun with the game's physics engine thanks to the grappling hook. Naturally, after having a blast with that game, I was eager to once again let loose in the sequel. And for the most part, I did just that in Just Cause 3, and it was extremely fun! Except when it wasn't.

I'll put a disclaimer here and state that I didn't finish Just Cause 3. I wanted to, I swear I did, but the game's technical problems are no joke. Seriously, I'm not trying to state some sort of hyperbole here, it's just fact. And I'm not even a huge stickler for performance issues with games. I usually grit my teeth and enjoy them for what they are. But Just Cause 3 is a new low. I've captured a few videos that I included in my Review in Progress article here, and you can see that nothing crazy even has to be happening for the framerate to take a dip. But those two videos are just a tiny sample size of just how bad the game can get. I played the game on the PS4, but from what I've been reading, the Xbox One version is worse, and the PC version is just as un-optimized.

Don't get me wrong, Just Cause 3 does a lot of things right. Hell, the game, mechanics wise, at least most of it, is designed in a way to ensure you're always either causing some sort of mayhem, or partaking in a slew of wildly different side activities, and I loved that. It's just that for every activity that I loved doing, the game's performance would completely cock-block my excitement.

Let's take a look at what the game does right, what flops (besides the performance) and my verdict.

The Positives / The Negatives

The Verdict




Need for Speed Review

Whenever I discuss Need for Speed games with anyone, and the topic of my personal favorite comes up, without any hesitation, I always answer Need for Speed Underground 2. That game introduced me personally, to the world of racing. Sure, I've played racing games prior to it, but Underground 2 managed to hook me in with its open world, heavy customization options and slew of various races.

This year's Need for Speed, which EA claims to be a reboot of sorts, feels a lot like Underground 2. From the night-time only racing, the similarities between Bayview and Ventura Bay, the interactions between other racers with your phone, to the various types of races you'll partake in.

Let's check out what's great about this year's Need for Speed, what missed the mark and our final verdict.




Star Wars Day will grant bonuses to Battlefront, others

Next week, May 4th is Star Wars Day, and EA is planning on celebrating it by launching several bonus events across several of its most popular Star Wars games. Star Wars: Battlefront, Star Wars: Told Old Republic, and Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes are all getting their own unique events (some of which have already begun). They are as follows:

Star Wars: Battlefront

  • A free bundle of 4,444 credits 
  • A new Hutt Contract where if you spend between 3500 and 8000 credits to unlock new bounties, you will gain access to the Bacta Bomb Star Card, giving you a health boost to you and your teammates in a pinch.
  • Free access to Battlefront on PC as a four-hour trial.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

  • Play the Knight of the Fallen Empire expansion for free from now until May 30
  • Log in between now and May 4 to unlock a M4-I6 Zakuulan Astromech Droid mini-pet
  • Play between May 3 through May 10 to get 2X XP, 2X PvP commendations, 2X requisitions in Starfighter, and 2X legacy experience.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

  • 25 percent discount on crystals on May 4. 
  • From April 30 until May 5, a rotating game modes will offer 2X rewards each day, starting with Cantina Battles.

That's a lot of valuable bonuses right there for Star Wars fans. Personally, I'm hoping Disney XD will allow Season 2 of Star Wars Rebels tol be free like it was last year.

Source: [Gamespot]

Destiny: Xur, Agent of the Nine, Tower location and Exotic gear

Xur is back in Destiny and he may or may not have exactly what you need. If you have been looking for some sweet Titan chest armor, he has some. If you're a Warlock or Hunter in need of head gear, he's got that too. Xur even went out of his way and pickedup a Hawkmoon hand cannon.

You'll find him by the Crucible Quartermaster.


Name Type Stats Cost
Twilight Garrison Titan Chest Armor 48 Discipline // 42 Strength 13 SC
ATS/8 ARACHNID Hunter Helmet 55 Intellect 13 SC
The Ram Warlock Helmet 33 Intellect // 36 Strength 13 SC
Hawkmoon Hand Cannon   23 SC
Legacy Engram Heavy Weapon Engram   31 SC


Name Type Quantity Cost
Plasma Drive Vehicle Upgrade 1 23 SC
"Emerald Coil" Vehicle Upgrade 1 23 SC
Heavy Ammo Synthesis Consumable 3 1 SC
Three of Coins Consumable 5 7 SC
Glass Needles Material 1 3 SC

Lince Works drops the first trailer for their stealth ninja game, ‘Aragami’

Lince Works just dropped the first trailer for their new stealth action game, Aragami. Check it out above!

ARAGAMI is a third-person stealth game in which you control the shadows. Play as Aragami, an undead assassin with supernatural abilities. You, a once mighty warrior, have been summoned back from the dead by Yamiko, a noble girl from the sacred citadel of Kyûryu. How you were once defeated or any clear memories to your past are all fragmented. Make your way through the heavily guarded city with Yamiko by your side as you uncover memories from your past life and ultimately decipher your connection with your summoner.

Aragami features an array of abilities utilizing your “Shadowmancer” powers to become invisible or teleport to aide you in hunting down and slaying your targets. Each map has multiple ways of completion, allowing you to play in which ever way you see fit. Move as an unseen ghost in the dark, or strike hard and clear the field of all enemies.

Lince Works, having originally announced the project as “Twin Souls: The Path of Shadows”, eventually evolved it into something more after two years of development, officially changing the name to Aragami.

Along with the announcement trailer, check out the gallery of gameplay screenshots on the next page!

Aragami releases on Playstation 4 and Steam this fall!