Comcast is raising its data cap limit to 1 TB

Here's a fun fact that should be a surprise to no one. That is, unless you work in the corporate offices of Comcast apparently. 300 gigabytes is really REALLY easy to burn through. Between streaming Netflix in 1080p to downloading (and updating) gigabytes worth of digital games on Steam, Xbox Live or PSN (or all of them if you're lucky), your data cap will be bone dry before you even hit the 15th of the month.

Finally, after enough customer feedback, the Internet Serice Provider has agreed to increase their data cap limits (which are currently applicable in only select trial markets) from 300 GBs to 1 TB. This is surely most welcome news, especially for customers who have opted in for Unlimited Data at an extra $30.

Consumer Services Executive Vice President, Marcien Jenckes said:

"Our typical customer uses only about 60 gigabytes of data in a month – that’s far less than a terabyte (in fact, 940 gigabytes less), or less than six percent of a terabyte.

We have learned that our customers want the peace of mind to stream, surf, game, download, or do whatever they want online. So, we have created a new data plan that is so high that most of our customers will never have to think about how much data they use."

No doubt 1 TB is much better than only 300 GB, but I have to think that as we gradually move over towards more media that is native to 4K resolution, we will be revisiting the data cap issue in the very near future.

Source: [Comcast Corporate]

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