Red Dead Redemption, GTA 5 publisher files trademark for 'Judas'

Take-Two Interactive, the publishing company that owns Rockstar Games, 2K Games and Firaxis Games has filed a trademark for what appears to be a new game. The trademark made its appearance on the European Union Intellectual Property Office site (via NeoGaf) yesterday and is currently under examination.

The trademark does not hint at what game development studio has been working on the game or will be working on the game, however it does clearly state that the Take-Two is looking to trademark the name 'Judas.'

The classification for numbers for the trademark (9,41)  suggest that Judas will be a video game that will feature online services. While it's expected that Judas is a new game, there's also a chance that this could be an expansion or DLC for a currently released game. If that is the case, the description for the rumored Grand Theft Auto 5 Story Mode DLC fits right in with the name Judas.

Biblically, Judas is a betrayer, someone that stabs his friends in the back. The story line for the not yet official DLC has the main character Anthony killing his friend in cold blood.

Whether or not these two are linked has not been verified (nor has the DLC).

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