Mass Effect themed 4D amusement ride coming this spring

The Mass Effect franchise keeps on getting bigger and a ride at California's Great America is the next step in expanding the franchise. It will let visitors explore the Mass Effect universe like never before.

The Mass Effect themed ride will be a 4D holographic experience and will be called "Mass Effect: New Earth". This attraction will have the world's largest LED screen and will let visitors get seated in a "motion-based seating" while wearing 3D glasses "live performers will curate the journey and interact seamlessly with the next generation 3D visuals". Additionally, the ride will also have "high-tech" sounds and other various 4D effects.

Mass Effect: New Earth was first announced back in October and will now be open for the public this Spring. The attraction has been developed in partnership with EA and BioWare to create as authentic of a Mass Effect Experience as possible.

This isn't the first video game to get a theme park ride, in 2015 Nintendo got their own rides at Universal Studios, and it seems to be a trend to get a theme park ride to further expand an already loved franchise.

No exact date for when Mass Effect: New Earth will open for the public has been announced, just that it will open sometime during the spring of 2016.

Source: Gamespot

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