Overwatch receives new short animated teaser trailer which explains the story


Overwatch has released a new teaser trailer bringing back everyone's favorite scientist gorilla — Winston to help give a little overview about the games story.


As you can watch the 2-minute trailer above, Overwatch was once a military organization of soldiers & mercenaries that help fend off the Omnics, however since then, the team has been disbanded and been grouped as 'criminals' by the public. But the time has come for our heroes to rejoin forces and make a difference in the world.


Soon enough players will able to jump into the game themselves as an open beta will be happening this weekend May 5-9. You check out Tracers new pose for yourself, try the mad scientist Winston out, or switch between the colorful cast of characters.


Overwatch launches on May 24 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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