Overwatch getting another PC beta this weekend

Overwatch is hosting yet another beta, and this time even more players will be allowed to participate. All of the 21 characters will be available as well as three different maps.

Blizzard's upcoming FPS game, Overwatch, has hosted a few closed betas in the past, but over the weekend even more players will get to try the game. The beta is from  9:00am PT (12:00PM ET) April 15 through 9:00pm PT April 16 (12:00AM ET April 17), and only PC players will get to participate.

This will beta will be used by Blizzard to stress test the servers and its hardware, they have also asked for feedback on how the game handles an increased amount players. Blizzard has warned beta participants that they will probably experience problems during  the test, after all, that is what betas are for.

Those who participated in previous betas and want to join in on this stress test beta can either reinstall their Overwatch launcher or log onto their Battle.net account and choose to opt-in for the beta. If you are selected to join the beta you will get an e-mail informing you, but an Overwatch license may appear in on your Battle.net account before the e-mail arrives. Just click the install button and Overwatch will be ready to play.

Overwatch will get a console beta later in May, before the game itself launches May 24.

With Blizzard hosting a beta for Overwatch and a Bonus XP event in Heroes of the Storm it almost looks like they are trying to draw away the attention from Battleborn's beta.

Source: VG247

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