DOOM's BFG 9000 has been recreated with LEGO bricks

Almost anything can be made with LEGO, and the latest thing recreated in LEGO is the BFG 9000, the Bio Force Gun 9000, from the original DOOM game.

The fateful recreation of the BFG 9000 DOOM gun in LEGO is made up from over 5,000 bricks, weighs about 20 pounds, and is about three feet long. The 20lb beasts creator ZaziNombies said the build "hurts the arms and wrists to hold it." He even got indentations on his hand after carrying it.

The creator himself was even a bit surprised that this behemoth of a gun took over 5,000 pieces to make, saying "I basically threw everything and the kitchen sink at this, I actually used a sink piece on the top of it." Sounds like you better start sorting your bricks if you want to create a BFG 9000 in LEGO

ZaziNombies has done many LEGO replicas of various guns like the Lock-n-Load from Team Fortress 2 and the Annihilator from Black Ops 3. It seems like YouTube is filled with gold these days.

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