DOOM Season Pass priced and detailed; Free DLC to release

With the first open multiplayer beta for DOOM coming later this month, Bethesda has begun detailing what fans can expect from the game when it comes to DLC.

When DOOM releases, the multiplayer mode will include nine maps, six modes, a number of power weapons, and four playable demons. This content will not be the only content that the game features throughout its lifetime.

In addition to these maps, modes and demons, developer id Software will offer content updates through 'SnapMap.' This feature will allow users to create and share their own multiplayer modes and maps, as well as allow the developer to include new map modules, props and objects, additional features and functionality, AI enhancements, editing tool enhancements and more.

SnapMap and its updates will be free to all players. Additionally, three paid DLC packs will be released after the game's release on May 13th that will include new maps, demons, weapons and more.

The first DLC pack is set to release this Summer with the following:

  • Three new maps
  • One new weapon
  • One new playable demon
  • One new armour set
  • One new piece of equipment
  • New hack modules and taunts
  • New customization colours and patterns

Each DLC pack will cost $14.99/£11.99/€14.99. A season pass will also be available for $39.99/£29.99/€39.99.

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