Leaked DOOM trailer gives us look at single-player mayhem

We have seen plenty of DOOM's multiplayer through betas and countless trailers, but there's one thing we haven't seen much of – the game's single-player mode. Well, at least until now.

A leaked trailer posted on Reddit allegedly gives us a look at the game's campaign. The video was captured from a YouTube video, prior to the being removed according to the user that posted it.

It appears as though the video, which has been referred to as a "canceled/unfinished" trailer, feature older content. The upper right hand corner of the video reveals the title to be 'Doom 4: Fight Like Hell,' whil Bethesda uses the 'Fight Like Hell' slogan they don't refer to the game as Doom 4.

Through out the trailer edit notes can be seen, things like 'Text to be removed.'

Whether it's old or unfinished the trailer looks good.

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