The Division cheaters to be punished with permanent ban on PC

The days of hacking and making life hard on low level n00bs in The Division are about to be over. Cheating in The Division will earn you a permanent ban from the game in the future.

According to Ubisoft Massive's Yanncik Banchereau, players will be able to report cheaters in the PC version of the game by simply writing "/report [NAME]". That will flag the reported player and a team will manually review the complaint.

The manual reviewing of complaints will help deciding if a report if made because one player got mad at another, if he had amazing gear that made him better, or if he is a real hacker. That way there won't be too many players who get banned even though they are innocent.

This reporting system will only be available on PC since the The Division team aren't seeing any problems with cheaters on Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

So if you are cheating in The Division you better stop because if they catch you you'll get banned, forever.


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