PlayStation 4 update 3.50 'Musashi' does more than it says

The PlayStation update 3.50 rolled out recently and a group of PlayStation 4 owners discovered that it brought more than Sony previously had announced.

Four unannounced features were either fixed or tweaked in the 'Musashi' update, found by the fine detectives over at Reddit.

The unannounced changes are all listed below.

  1. It is now possible to turn off the screenshot notification which will let players grab as many screenshots as they want in rapid succession without having the screenshot notification ruining it the shots. 
  2. Live From Playstation has been improved with a search bar on the game list making it easier to find livestreams from your favorite games. Playstation players can now also pin up to three games that will be on the top of the list so they don't have to search for them every time.
  3. A limit on party size can now be set. The size of a party can now be locked at 2 to 8 players.
  4. The issues with early PlayStation 4s and HDDs over 2 TB has probably been fixed. The Reddit community isn't sure about it but it seems like the issues has been solved.

The Reddit community also found out that the Playstation 4 now can play music files while playing games via USB, something that was removed a while ago but apparently has returned.

To checkout all of the "official" features of PlayStation 4 update 3.50 head over here.

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